Your Twin is Within - Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 30th November

Saturday, November 28, 2020

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Your Twin is Within- Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 30th November @ 9:39 pm GMT. 

Welcome to the final closing curtain of 2020 - December’s Eclipse season.

A year ago, I followed a voice that landed me back in a place close to my heart. Tulum. On the South Eastern Caribbean Coast of Mexico.

I planned to hold a Past Life Regression retreat there during eclipse season. I planned for my husband to come too. I planned so much, staying put, going with my hubby, but the divine had other plans.

Now I know, I needed to land alone.

To hear the whispers of the divine super- natural power so strong there.

There I stood on hot Caribbean sand, sinking into the pulse of nature through mother earth's veins, taking in the startling vibrancy of colour all around, and receiving the following message...

“In 2020 the spiritual practice of the people is paramount. Any and every action will have an instant karmic reaction, and as for you, put your head down and work. This will be the hardest working year of your life, don’t quibble, don’t quarrel, just do it, and breakthrough. We have brought you here to take this power, this connection, this divinity back with you, to carry it through to the distant world you come from”

At the time Corona was barely a thing. The first death didn’t happen until a week later.

During that week we purged, sweat lodges, regressions, cacao ceremonies, we came face to face with snakes and looked sacrifice in the eye through black obsidian discs at the eclipsed Chichen Itza Sun.

Why? We did not know. But it was apparent the divine did.

That year I had planned to put myself in lockdown. I had some things I had to work on to get my biz bouncing back after a mid-life crisis had left it hard knocked, and swanning off on flights of fancy wasn’t going to cut it - at least that’s what my ego said...

But the divine had another plan.

One that meant I ended up putting on three retreats in Canada, Granada and Mexico within six months!

How did this happen? The domino effect.

It all started when I was looking for Tarot Conferences to take my The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer too and I came across David Lacopo’s Conference in Montreal.

His message about Transformative Tarot resounded right through me so when he asked to speak I said yes, despite having no money or knowing how I could make a trip to Canada happen.

So I stuck a sticking plaster over my “I can’t afford it” twin within and listened to “How can I raise the funds to do this?” twin within.

Because I simply knew I had to make it happen.

The result? I lived the dream. Literally.

I looked for the most luxurious log cabin I could find in the dream location of Canada’s pines and lakes and whacked it on the plastic even though I quaked doing so. And as I quaked even more the day after when my best friend told me she was getting married in Spain - am I coming?

Oh heck! The only way I can afford to go is to put on another Retreat!

So, I found another dream location, whacked it on the plastic and quaked even more.

Shit! That’s two international retreats less than a month apart both of which I only have months to fill ( you are “supposed” to give yourself a year to fill one).

What am I doing? I’m meant to be frugal this year, not dig myself further into debt! Shit!

My I can’t afford it, twin within was going batshit crazy!

But the two retreats sold like hotcakes!

So when my Mexican mates asked me when I was coming back I said "NOW" !

I found the best most incredible retreat centre on a Caribbean beach and quaked - this was the biggest, most expensive, furthest retreat I’d ever put on.

The venue wanted 25 people before I wouldn’t be charged myself, two weeks before I only had five, and I woke up on Christmas eve to two cancelations one after the other minutes apart, which meant there were three and me!

My mentors said I should think about canceling, I get it, it seemed like utter madness to go ahead. But to be honest, canceling is never an option I'm willing to take.

So we went. Me and three VIP’s, did I/ we regret it? No!

I may have quaked all the way through 2019 because of all the plans and planes the divine was packing me on that seemed like literal flights of fancy at a time when “I couldn’t afford it.”

When the reality is that those retreats were the reason I had the best year in business since 2016.

And instead of working myself into the ground, it was way more fun! BONUS!

I even managed to just about break even with the retreat in Mexico, thanks to the last-minute cancellations understanding there were no refunds at that late stage.

The 3 VIP’S knew we were very lucky to share something small, intimate and sacred in such an astounding place together in person before lockdown struck.

And they've continued to invest with me throughout the year - I wonder if they would if I had canceled?

I landed back in the UK into another fully booked retreat just before lockdown reached and then I got why I had been sent galavanting around the world .

My retreat clients and I all breathed a resounding “WOW! I’m so glad I went”

If lockdown is showing us anything, it’s to seize the moments we can.

2019 wasn’t my lockdown year, I was tuning into what was ahead - a common pitfall of being intuitive that I have to remain vigilant of. Still the curse is a blessing and what won the day was my ability to listen to my twin flame within.I don’t believe that your twin flame is in body. I’m not even sure I believe in twin flames - soul mates yes, but twin flames?

However, do I believe you have a twin within? Oh for sure!

And another gift of lockdown is that i've been hearing them so distinctly and clearly…Have you?

The twin of who you are becoming, your potential, the higher self, the universe, the divine feminine, whatever you want to call it.

Now a year later the eclipse season at the end of an epic year is kicking off in the sign of the Gemini.

The twin within.

Eclipses mark a time of shedding, the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Which one depends on the twin you listen to and give your power to.

It’s never easy to listen to the call AND rise to the call of the potential twin within.

It’s not like after Mexico I never shook again.

It’s not like after I plastered the mouth of the “I can’t afford it twin” I never heard it murmur again.

It’s not like I’ve renounced my ego so it never wins - in fact on the contrary!

If 2020 has shown me anything, it’s how much my ego has kept me small - how much I’ve bought into it, and how much I've let it run the show - disastrously!

The ego wants to protect us, but it’s fear-driven, and when we listen to our fears, the fear gets bigger, and your life gets smaller.

You are here to live. Seize the day. This I know you know. But it takes work . to. break.through.

Is this the work spirit spoke of to me in January?

I forgive myself for thinking they meant sheer shera manpower work as 2020 has certainly been full of it’s fair share of blood, sweat and elbow grease.

First of all I closed my signature program - The Transformational Truth of Tarot - not close in that there was no-one in it.

Close as in take in a closed circle and not let anyone else in all year because I needed to update the content, so it was closed to any ongoing business after that.

Then lockdown, I wasn’t able to do retreats or events, and I soon found myself needing a bounceback loan.

“Shit! more debt! This isn’t the direction you are supposed to be going in girl!” I could hear my ego twin’s muffled exclamations.

Still I could hear the whispers of my twin flame within under the raucousness if I listened hard ...

“This is the year you are meant to be in lockdown, this is the year where you are staying put and doing the work, this is all a gift, a gift of time to do a deep dive.”

So deep dive I did, swimming from one place to another, looking looking looking, but I still couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Whatever I did had no bounce, it was like I’d been sold a cricket ball full of crickets instead of bouncy ball, full of bounce.

But hey ho, I had time to get my head down and rebrand ready for a big grand reopening late summer what a gift!

But the divine had other plans.

I planned to drive for a couple of hours to visit my beloved grandad for a couple of hours and didn’t leave his side for a week. My "one pair of pants week" I call it.

I found him fast declining and my mum received a cancer diagnosis at the same time. I fast becacme a palliative care nurse for my Grandad out of the blue then a live-in carer for mum, grandad’s funeral (her dad) being the day after her second op in a couple of months.

I knew this was yet again a gift of sacred time, but yet again my ego twin was having a field day.

“You can’t afford to be here for your grandad or your mum, oh okay you are then? Then you have to cancel your clients, you can’t be there for everyone.”

My response? Give me that F***** plaster tape! I don’t cancel! Not on my Grandad, not on my mum, not on anyone!

I had two groups running at the time, both incredibly supportive, they would have completely understood had I have canceled, but I knew what was right was to honour the sacred journey laid out before me with my beloved grandad, mum and clients all at the same time.

It was an incredibly healing, sacred and inspirational journey for us all.

I did delay the re-opening, I mean, that would have been ridiculous!

And what did my ego twin say?

"AAAARRRGGHHH!" You've been shut for months, you can't afford to delay it a moment longer!!!!"


All things happen for a reason…I ended up with more time to work on the rebrand, and then something happened... it all grew so much it had outgrown the version I just rebranded! Oh my! Now what?

I woke one morning to a realisation…. The Transformational Truth of Tarot was no more and I had to change the name!


My ego twin was having a field day yet again!

"You can’t change the name! Its the name of your award winning book and award winning game, it’s YOUR name!"

Seriously, I had so much wrapped up in that name (even though it made things hard) no-one believed I would change it and they stood in as much shock as me when I did.

So The Transformational Truth of Tarot is no more -not as we know it.

And my ego twin is no more along with it - well, I mean it’s there, jumping up and down with a big fat plaster over its mouth, and at the same time it’s getting happier every day that I listen to my twin flame within.

It’s starting to relax, as it sees the truth of potential and possibility, rather than the illusion of fear and lack that keeps it stuck, struggling, small etc…

I simply refuse to indulge it anymore. Like my cat’s obsession for cat milk - yup Minerva has turned into a right lump!

This is the time of the twin within. This is the time that dictates what the next six months are going to be for you.

Which twin within are you going to listen to?

The one that keeps you in your old identity, or the whispers in your soul to rise?

As soon as I changed the name, something inside me shifted, and do you know what it was?

It was the divine twin flame within, it got louder than my ego…

My ego twin said:

“I can’t run a successful business”

My twin flame within said:

“So whos been running your biz for the last 17 years?”

My ego twin said:

No-one joins my high ticket programs because they are too expensive, and no-one is up for such a high level of commitment to themselves:

My twin flame within said:

So why have you had people consistently in it since 2014 when you started?

My ego twin said:

People think I’m just after the money!

My twin flame said:

Of course you are after the money! You need it to survive, but truth be known if it was JUST the money there’d be far more easier ways to earn it!

My ego twin said:

I suffer because of my “underprivileged” past.

My twin flame said:

Laughing! Would you be living life so strongly aligned to you without it?

My ego twin said:

I don’t have enough time, I need more time, more money, more, more, more, I need to be further along than I am, Oh I am overwhelmed, I have got so much going on and i’ve run out of time.

My twin flame laughed again and said…

You have everything you need, right here, right now, overwhelm is a state of mind.

My ego twin said:

I’ve always struggled with lack so I always will.

My twin flame said:

Only if you decide.

What does your ego twin say to you?

Is it that you won’t ever find love?

You don’t belong?

You can’t go where your heart calls you because that would be irresponsible?

You can’t invest in where your soul calls you because that would be frivolous?

Whatever it is rip the tape off, let it have its say, then listen to what the twin flame says in response.

I have to put tape on mine because it’s a loud mouthed Leo, but still it knows it’s from a place of love (like minerva and cat milk) if you have to do it to yours, do it from this place of tough love.

Grab a pen and paper, and write each statement, then look for the evidence of why it’s not real and write the counteracting statement.

Use this Gemini Full Moon eclipse wisely.

As the Shaman said what dog wins? The tame dog, or the wild dog?

The answer?

Whatever one you feed the most.

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Wishing you a wonder full moon x



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