The Uplevelling of the Libra Lockdown Super Full Moon

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

The Uplevelling of the Libra Lockdown Super Full Moon  - blog post image

On April 8th @ 3:35 am GMT the Moon grows Full in Libra - a sign known for its grace and diplomacy - when in balance.

But Full Moon’s don’t tend to be seen as a time of balance.

Full Moon’s are a time where repressed emotions rise up to come under the spotlight, and we are living in “lockdown” how’s that for repression?

I could talk through why the aspects to this Super Full Moon (yup the largest of the year too) look like a total magnifying glass caught in a pressure cooker BUT! The secret is how you look at it.

When I look at the reports on this Full Moon it’s no surprise, we have challenging skies, so let’s make sure we take it in through divine eyes shall we?

What I have seen is that wherever there’s scared eyes, the sacred eyes open too.

Astrological skies aren’t meant to be a glass ceiling of an invisible prison.

Astrology is the bigger picture, a mix of the divine to help us gain traction for our evolution, so with what I am about to say, pose the question:

“How do I evolve through this?”

My focus with this blog is to help you answer this - instead of going into the mechanics of what’s going on. I’m placing the emphasis on the bigger picture because you might feel restricted right now, but restriction is direction.

We have been socially spoiled with too much opportunity, choice and distraction, we have been slaves to society, and the pull of the outside world has been cataclysmically strong.

In my course The Transformational Truth of Tarot we see the divine at work in timing, we learn how to let go of how we think things should be and actually come home to ourselves.

The stakes are currently upping your ability to do this, you are being given the greatest opportunity of what I have seen in our lifetime to do this.

So my question, now we have been in “Lockdown” since the New Moon, is how have the last couple of weeks been for you?

My guess is these 7 areas have come under the spotlight:

  1. 1. The truth of how you want to spend your daily life.
  2. 2.The truth of where you want to live and who you want to be with.
  3. 3.The truth of how you feel about your job.
  4. 4.The truth of how you feel about your neighbours.
  5. 5.The truth about how you are doing with your wellbeing.
  6. 6.The truth about the importance of money.
  7. 7.The truth about people pleasing and boundaries.

Libra is truth, justice, balance and grace when it is in alignment, when it isn’t it struggles with it all. We have been disconnected for so long and the divine will find a way to plug us back in.

You can see this Libra Full Moon as the time where the pressure cooker blows its lid, or a time when truth will out, and although that might upset the apple cart for a time, it’s well worth it.

Lets not cry over spilt milk, but see what we can do with what we’ve got, (you might be surprised) we are being stripped back, honed down because in truth it’s only then we can see our true power.

To make this clearer lets take this one by one:

  1. The truth of what you want to do with your life.

When this is “over” you’ll have a choice. Do you go back to how things were? Do you send your kids back to school or carry on homeschooling? Do you go back to your 9-5 or carry on with your home- based business?

One of my clients (Vicky Harvey) in The Transformational Truth of Tarot (TTT) was always saying how she wished she was released from her husband’s business, that she wanted to take her son out of school, that she had no time for herself to get on with the reason she came into TTT - to embrace her calling and be paid for it so she could live it. She had also taken on a college course at the same time as TTT and the work in it was overwhelming - which became another block.

Then lockdown happened. Her husband’s business? Shut. School? Shut. College? Shut. What was left?

In the first week of lockdown she could concentrate fully on TTT and earnt from her dream for the first time ever.

Vicky’s words…. I was completely stuck in a rut, repeating destructive behaviours from lack of bounaries, merely existing and not 'living' with a closed down heart. I didn't have a clue what I needed, wanted or even expected...but I knew inside I had to work with Tiffany.

So I joined the single most supportive, nurturing and self challenging group I've ever been lucky enough to find. Most people do not know just how low I had got and the timing of TTT was heaven sent. Tiffany and every single member of the group guided me. I made new friends and our connections were divine. It was incredibly hard, but I needed it, I wanted it, and my life since has turned around for the better.

My heart has been unblocked to receive, for the first time allowing my dreams to filter through to my reality. I prayed and begged for the time, I was trapped, confused with lack of direction and simply overwhelmed. Then like magic, time and space was delivered to my door! I am actually feeling happy.

Life will always have it's trials, but I am embracing them with a new found self confidence, a zest for experience and self worth which was non existent before. I am forging my way forward, with the desire to help people in similar situations break free from the drudge and burst out of the old heavy feeling of nothingness into the best version of fulfilment for themselves.

What were you wishing for before lockdown?

Is it something that’s coming through for you now?

If not, then how is lockdown presenting an opportunity for it to?

  1. The truth of where you want to live and who you want to be with:

Lockdown has brought to light how we feel about where we live and who we are.

Is it the right environment for you to grow in?

Where do you want to be located?

Who do you want to live with?

How close do you want to be to friends and family?

How do you want your home to function?

One of my other clients on The Transformational Truth of Tarot (Ruth Bennett) also shone last week when she went on TV to talk about how Domestic Violence is on a critical red alert rise at this time, and how we also need to be on the lookout for the vulnerable that aren’t so easily seen as sick or elderly - if you see or hear domestic violence, it’s quite simple, call the police.

Lockdown is forcing us to pull our heads out of the sand and take personal responsibility both personally and as mature members of society.

This is an extreme example, but true.

Ruth’s words -  I wanted something more in my life as well as need to get rid of a lot of hurt and trauma that I was carrying, holding me back. It has been a huge year. In that time the TTT has been a safe space to grow honestly and with support as well as genuine friendship.

I have learned from The Four Agreements and the Fifth - these agreements have helped me see a different view. When I stopped engaging because I took it personally (one of the agreements), I stopped attracting negative people.

The Tarot is a mirror and you really get to find who you truly are. It’s like peeling layers. A year on I know who I am. Not the person who went from one abusive and negative relationship to another, codependent on being needed when it was for the wrong reasons.

I now read Tarot professionally, have qualified as an accredited life coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner as well as becoming a Reiki Healer and have started my own business as Norfolk Life Coaching - Empowering Your T-Ruth.

It's not just about learning Tarot and knowing the cards it’s about knowing who you are. I am in isolation undertaking chemotherapy. A year ago this would have destroyed what was left of me. A year on and it has empowered me and is making me. Watching my friends in there grow and flourish is beautiful. Such is the power of the journey on TTT.

What if lockdown is illuminating whats not working so your life CAN start working?

  1. The truth of how you feel about your “job”.

If you have watched the Ted Talk “Corona is our Future” then you’ll be under no false pretences that this is a one off glitch in the matrix. It is a karmic sign of our times. If we stray too far from nature, nature will find a way to bring us back in alignment. What does this mean for you in regards to what you thought was security?

It’s been great to see a lot of people who knew what they really wanted to do start doing it. I see it in clients, friends and family - what they “should” be doing is what they “want” to be doing, but felt they couldn’t do because of the trappings of society.

Its a call to uplevel your purpose which is to serve and contribute to society in a way that makes your heart sing.

But what if you just feel locked down and lost?

Then it’s time to rediscover what it is that makes you tick, makes your heart sing, to open up to the possibility of a new world for you.

This is something we do in TTT so if you’d like a non obligatory chat with me click here.

Doors for TTT close on Monday - what side would you possibly like to be?

4. The truth of how you feel about your neighbours.

We’ve been living in times where our next door neighbours are strangers, and now they are becoming extended members of our family, who look out for us, check we have what we need, they even shop for our food! Heck we even stand together on the doorstep in solidarity as we clap the NHS At 8pm every Thursday!

My father in law lost his wife in February, my Mother in Law’s funeral was just at the time the pandemic was starting, the neighbours all piled back to the house to show their respects by rubbing elbows a - not a single neighbour was missing and then boom lockdown. He literally went from sharing a house with his wife for 53 years to being there completely alone and unable to leave it, you would think this would be horrific for his grief, but he says his life has never been so full. The family facetime every evening and he says the street whatsapp keeps him busy 24/7!

What have you found out about the community you live in the last two weeks?

If it’s lacking for you, then how can be the change you wish to see?

5. The truth about how you are doing with your wellbeing.

Chlorine filled pools and daily treadmills are out.

We have been redirected to nature, to get out there and walk, walk, walk, (if we can) - I saw a meme on Facebook of Boris saying “you are allowed one walk a day” and the proclaimers saying “right then!”

For those that don’t know, they sung “I could walk 500 miles!”

Those of us that can get out are “lucky” that we have lockdown at a time where the wonders of new life are springing up for us to see, it’s a reminder of the powerful sunny new potential of the power of this spring.

The current scheme of things feels so gloomy, but Spring reminds us that new life comes after the death of the old (winter), and we can see this visual reminder everywhere- even if it's just from our windows.

Meditation, fitness classes, yoga, dance, walking, all forms of exercise that bring us back to our spiritual nature.

I’ve got better with my home yoga practice, meditation and walking  - all those things I “just didn’t have time for”, I am suddenly taking personal responsibility for - even though my life has got even busier. Go check that!

What about you? If you need more help join my facebook group where I am sharing things to help you with your wellbeing.

6. The truth about the importance of money.

There has been a lot of focus on how incomes have ground to a halt, and it’s true to say it would be an understatement to say that there’s been a few! - AND there is another side of the story.

I gave you one example earlier, of a client who started earning from her dream in the first week of lockdown - but she wasn’t the only one.

Jo’s dream was to earn from her passion but she was stuck in dead end job after dead end job - interestingly the last one went just before lockdown - but lockdown focused her again, it was clear it was no longer the right direction to look for a job at this time, she went within and did the work and signed up 4 people to long term packages for the first time ever - it also forced her to go through her finances and look at what she was spending where? What was giving her ROI (return on investment) and what wasn’t.

True abundance and empowerment is found in doing both these things consistently. 

Its not what the world is doing, it’s what your energy is doing.

Are you in alignment energetically and allowing yourself to show up and shine?

What are you investing in which isn’t supporting you in getting there?

And what are you investing in that is?

*If you don’t know the last answer then what if its TTT? There's only one way to know! Apply for a chat about it here.

7. The truth about people pleasing and boundaries.

At a time when it seems like the world has more time to connect it may be that you have less, either way my bet is you are bombarded right now.

Whether that is at home or online. Society has been squeezed either end to appear unannounced in your living room!

My husband has appeared in my living room! Which is fair enough! It’s his living room too!

And it’s my home office as well!

We do have two spare rooms upstairs but neither “work”.

The “LIVING” room does. It’s where “life happens!” it has a big sunny window, it’s the biggest space in the house, the lightest, brightest comfiest and it’s where I make my “LIVING!”

Now you think my husband would be used to me earning a living from home, after all, it’s what i’ve been doing for six years!

But no! Everyday he would come home totally oblivious to the fact that I might be on a call, a live, a webinar etc!

Within two days of lockdown the boundaries have never been so well acknowledged and respected.

So whilst my husband was being squeezed into my living room - which means finances has been a squeeze too, lockdown was calling to me to uplevel how I was showing up as a leader for my community, and initially took all of me.

At the same time I was bombarded with replies to my emails and PM’s on facebook - by people I care about, friends, family, clients, people that follow me, the mix.

It became clear I had to give myself permission not to respond.

Now that’s a tough one, and obviously when it comes to family - I respond, eventually - it may take me a few days instead of a few hours and that’s okay - of course depending on the message!

When it comes to clients are they asking for my support or is it a round robin invite? If it’s the latter i’m touched, but I don’t respond.

When it comes to people who follow me I give thanks in general when I send an email.

Truth is if I didn’t draw the line somewhere I’d be up all night every night, going insane and what for? How would that help?

Don’t be scared to draw the line.

Don’t let anything distract you from the upleveling YOUR life is asking for you to do right now.

Don’t worry about people being upset with you because you didn’t respond, be true to yourself.

If you feel you have to respond to every little thing and fast you are only adding to one of the diseases in society that Corona is here to corrode.

By not responding to what isn’t in your path you are helping people to live in their truth too, for example, a person who sent me something I didn’t respond to posted on facebook about how I had great boundaries and it made her look at her own.

Now that’s what I am talking about!

But it hasn’t always been that way. I am intuitive and intuitives struggle with boundaries, in fact our very nature transgresses it. You have to invade someone’s boundaries to pick something up.

The struggle with boundaries and self esteem is the real pandemic, and if like Vicky you just feel like you know you have to work with me and want to connect to see if that's so, then maybe there’s never been a better time?

 ✨Apply here for a non obligatory chat  

Before the doors close this Monday ( it's not just any Monday, it's Easter rebirth Monday!)

Wishing you a "wonder - full" Moon, 



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