The Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse - June 21st 2020. Your Four Step Secret Recipe To Shining and Living On Purpose.

Friday, June 19, 2020

The Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse - June 21st 2020. Your Four Step Secret Recipe To Shining and Living On Purpose. - blog post image

Are you feeling seen yet?  

That phrase takes me back to car journeys as a child…

“Are we there yet?”

Isn’t that what feeling seen and living on purpose feels like?

Are we there yet?

It’s 4:44am. The Sun is dazzling me awake, piercing through my heavy weight velveteen curtains. Consciousness downpouring, escaping over the edges. I’m awake.

I can’t go back to sleep, the consciousness I have been waiting for is overfilling me.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks - since the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius things have felt, well, downright murky.

Is it any coincidence that the episode of “This Is Us” I watched last night was called...

“Hell of a week”?

Do you feel me? Me and my Transformational Truth of Tarot peeps have been feeling it...

We’ve been on the last leg of The Fool’s Journey in the Tarot. The Moon, The Sun, Judgment and The World. The part Joseph Campbell calls “return changed”.

The Sun always comes up after the moon right? Not this time!

Divine timing had it so we landed on the Moon on the day of Lunar Eclipse.

Since then we started floating in space! Not knowing if we got to the Sun, whether we were stuck in judgment, or where the heck Earth was!

All we knew is that we weren’t at The World yet, because we were still asking...Are we there yet?

Yes the Sun always comes up after the Moon, but sometimes it’s behind thick cloud like my velveteen curtains. What’s on the micro is on macro! The weather was glorious before the lunar eclipse and it’s been murky since! But just because we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

This played out in dizzying lunacy! Jeez will The World ever hurry up and come?!!!

Are you feeling that too?

That deep sense of carrying something heavy, deep within your soul?

Something you’ve been dragging around for lifetimes?

Like being forever preggers with a big fat karmic brick? Now that’s a weird sentence! 

But, i’m dazzled by how acute this feeling can get...

For example, I’ve been working with a mentor to take TTT (The Transformational Truth of Tarot) to the next level for several weeks now, every week I put in a draft and every week I got feedback. And every week I'd feel more and more not seen, not heard, not understood.

Tiff scrap the name The Transformational Truth of Tarot. - No way!

Tiff call it Tarot Empire! No way!

Tiff your tag line shouldn’t be purpose, passion and partnerships, it should be prosperity!

It was like we were talking about two different offers - hers and mine.

This is no new story for me and damn here it is again.

Such an old dialogue that went like this….

“Here’s another paid professional that can’t see me because they themselves are in the way”

But these days, I know we can’t see through any other eyes than the ones in our head.

Practicing Don Miguel’s Agreements helps, particularly agreement number 3 - as Ruiz says - by practicing this one alone your whole life can change - so what is it?

Don’t make assumptions! - Find the courage to ask!

It’s called the assumption gap, a common problem between clients and mentors.

I remember my driving instructor losing his rag with me after umpteen lessons:

"It's just like steering a bloody bike!" he shouted!

“But I can't ride a bike!” I exclaimed!


But the dent in my gran's pocket and my confidence was way bigger than the dent in his car!

So here I am in a program about getting LAZER clear on what I do, and that karmic brick i’ve dragged around about not being seen, heard, felt or got has never been so acute as it is right now!

OH MY! It’s working! What’s in the way, is the way! BOOM! Shake shake shake the flippin room!

See what I mean below with Your Solstice Solar Four Step Secret Recipe To Shining and Living On Purpose. You will need...

1. One big dollop of the Moon:

Commit to showing up! Sounds simple doesn’t it?

But when you don’t feel seen it’s all so easy to slink back into the shadows and stay there, but all you are choosing for yourself is your own sweet self sabotage.

I know it can feel like what’s the point? It’s always the same, nothing changes, but maybe nothing changes because it feels too painful to stay in the light?

Like that dazzling dizzy moment coming out of the darkness, it hurts. It’s disorientating and we can see even less.

In the real world it's momentary, but in the internal world it’s like that moment lasts a lifetime - and here you must stay if you are to see and be seen clearly.

2. Bake in The Sun!

Know who you are and who you are becoming!

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Your name is …. You are this age….. You live here…… You do this for a living…….Well actually, if you are anything like me then that last answer isn’t so simple!

If you are anything like me then you are an intuitive that doesn’t have a normal 9-5, well maybe you do, but that’s not who you are either!

You know it, you feel it in your bones, but words to articulate what you feel in your bones and the clearly seen path to walk it isn’t there for you.

Result? No-one gets it! Not even you!

Let’s go back to the famous inscription over The Temple of Delphi - “Know Thyself”

Socrates says it’s the hardest, yet most important thing to do with your life, and I guess he knew a thing or two!

You might look at me and see someone who has been “living on purpose” for a good 16 years now, when I first went self employed. There's nothing like true self employment (doing what you love for a living) to activate your purpose. I knew in my bones who I was and I opened up as “professional psychic” - and that's where the problems really began...

When you announce to the world that you work with tarot or other similar practices they make up their mind about what you do, and unfortunately it's a highly conditioned mind.

At long last we are seeing how deep racism goes, pulling it up by it's roots - and we've been working on this for decades. There is no "ism" yet for ignorance of intuitives, so just how many decades of this do you think we have to go?

When you declare that you work with the deep knowing of the soul the universe demands that you know your own soul, truly, madly, deeply. No-one is going to do that for you, and the journey it will take you on to know yourself truly, deeply, can drive you madly!

Not a lot of people know that the 'Know thyself" inscription above The Temple of Delphi has a continuation...

A fundamental lost and forgotten part which is.....And Know Who You Are Becoming”.

That forgotten secret changes everything! It changes you! It is the key to set you free, and align you to fulfil your potential.

It will give you the strength to keep showing up where as “Know Thyself” - can keep you in the same self-perpetuating story.

We need to know who we are so we aren’t knocked around by others who claim to know who we are. We need to know our values and what makes us tick. AND we must align to who we are coming to feel our soul calling us forward.

Let’s take what I was talking about, of not feeling understood by my mentor. I kept going head to head with her, so much so other members said they loved to watch it!

“You are so strong and so is she!”

I loved that my mentor wouldn’t buckle and was standing strong for me, that’s what you need in a mentor. I just needed her to stand with that strength in my true corner, not her perception of my corner!

It’s a problem I've had again and again, feeling misunderstood, and here I am again unable to get understood.

The clash got more visible and I felt more awkward, until I aligned with who I was becoming over who I am:

3. Judgment - Package It Up and Present It Correctly!

My inner dialogue went something like this:

Know thyself voice:

“Geez Tiff everywhere you go you are a complex, awkward bugger! Wherever you go, there you are! She’s good, she clearly knows what she is doing and is standing strong, that’s what you need! Maybe you should just suck it up and see!"

Know who you are becoming voice:

“ You know who you are, and the reason you are doing this in the first place is to be able to articulate what you do, step up, value yourself and the depth of the work. Who you are becoming is someone who knows how to communicate to get to the bottom of things!

In fact you’ve been becoming that person for so long that is you! Own it!

4. Get it out to the world:

The next time I got the feedback I replied - “ When this conversation happens I feel like there’s a mismatch. You help people with their prosperity, but it’s not what I do. Well, it is, but it’s not the main outcome, and not what I am focusing on here, I feel like you focus on it because it’s what you do and we are coming at cross purposes”

She replied like any good mentor would, ‘Yes, lets talk about it! Tiffany, tell me why you don’t want to train people to become professional Tarot readers!”

Oh halleflippinlueah! She’s asked me a question and now we can get somewhere!

At first I fumble. I ask her how long she has got. I'm all too aware I’m only supposed to have 5 minutes and she’s got to review my offer for the 7th time as well, and not only mine - a whole flippin queue of them!

And then I cut the bullshit.

“ The short version is that there are two Tarot camps - the predictive and the transformative, I am in the transformative camp. People come to me to find themselves. As they do their relationships heal, their creativity unblocks and so does their purpose. Only then will I take them on to do Tarot professionally. But I don't train them to be a Tarot reader. I show them how Transformative Tarot can be a container for themselves to show up, and help their ideal clients go through the same transform.”

Her response, In a nutshell:

“I get it, I see it, I feel it. I’ve never heard you articulate yourself so well. It’s exciting and massive! I love the fact they have to go through six months of transformation first now makes complete sense to me! As does the title -The Transformational Truth of Tarot - now you explain it! Your offer is signed off and now I want to see part two now because there’s more and I can’t wait to work with you more on who you are becoming! Go out there and articulate!”

This is the condensed version, the energy was beyond what I can convey here.

I birthed the karmic brick as she ripped off the gag, blindfold and untied my hands!

Oh lordy what an image to leave you on but they do say a picture paints a thousand words!

Lets summarise….

The Solstice Solar Secret Recipe To Shining and Living On Purpose.

Moon: Show up! - and keep showing up, no slinking back into the shadows of self sabotage.

Sun: Know who you are and know who you are becoming to reach your highest potential.

Judgment: Find the courage to get past judgment and ask questions, keep the lines of communication open. Remain vigilant that people can only ever communicate from their point of view, show them that and ask for what you need to pierce through to the heart of the matter, and get to…

The World: Are we there yet? When you’ve done the above you’ll arrive

It’s no more pussyfooting this Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees of Cancer.


It’s a birth of a whole new world, which is literally spinning on it’s axis.

I’ve not gone into the astrology that much this time, because it’s more important to direct your attention to how it's playing out.

You feel it, you see it, it’s all around. We are keeping 2 metres apart with masks over our mouths and at the same time hearing a resounding message of how damaging silence and separation is.

What polarised times.

What happens on the macro, happens on the micro.

I'm standing for you, the intuitive that needs to be seen, heard, felt, got and understood.

If you are ready to do the work and looking for the person to help you, and you are wondering if I am the one for you, then break the silence and the distance.

Lets connect, have a chat at this potent time of the solstice and see if I am indeed here to serve who you are becoming.


Let’s do this!

Apply for your free Get To Know Thy Archetype Session Here ✨ 


“I’m so lucky I found Tiffany! A repeat pattern from my childhood had me stuck going nowhere and I didn’t believe I could change it. I’ve broken the cycle and got way more than a high level of high self esteem. My vision became clear and my life is now full of unconditional love, laughter, excitement, courage and most of all peace. I’m living my soul purpose teaching spiritual practices around the world and have made friends with a lot of interesting people, some celebrities too!

Wendy Yeung, Toronto & Hong Kong, The World!


I found myself, my freedom, my independence, my creativity (I started to draw for the first time since I was 4) I ran a marathon, left my marriage, sold my home, started a relationship my boy and I am truly happy in. My stress and worry levels disappeared and the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. The journey I took with Tiffany has been so epic I wrote a book about it!

Claire Chilvers - Now Tarot Author, Consultant and Blogger- Forever Consciousness. UK


Tiffany will push and pull you. She’s very real. She shows up and boy does she know us, but most of all she lets us be known. A year on I am not the person who went from one abusive relationship to another. I read Tarot professionally, have qualified as an accredited life coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I have started my own business “Empowering Your T-Ruth”. And I’m writing a Tarot novel! I am in isolation undertaking chemotherapy. A year ago this would have destroyed what was left of me a year on, it’s making me.

Ruth Bennet - UK.


My daughter’s anger was having a detrimental effect on my life. l thought I needed boundaries but in the early days working with Tiffany I realised it was quite the opposite. My relationship with her healed - and quick! She said to me “I have my mother for the first time in my life!” Constraints in my life fell away and I launched my own business called ‘Women Embracing Change” (funnily enough)!

Angela Campbell - UK.

I had so many problems with my relationships and self worth and worst of all. I was passing them on to my daughter. I had a calling to earn a living through Transformative rather than predictive Tarot. I had every confidence Tiffany was the one to help me with it all. She clearly knows her stuff. She didn’t disappoint. She came with some very real, very raw truths which helped me understand so much more about who I was and why I had been struggling for so long. Tiffany was there every step of the way. I had solutions for the first time! I received more than I expected. My relationships changed, and now I feel worthy and courageous enough to go for what I want. I am at peace with myself, my relationships and earning a living from my dream of being a Transformative Tarot coach! It’s 100% worth it and more!

Vicky Wallis - UK


“I healed more in just a few weeks working with Tiffany than I ever did in ten years of counselling and therapy”

Jackie Charest - Canada


Tiffany is a fantastic listener, you feel her completely focusing on you, she allows you the space to be real and vulnerable with her, and she will be the same with you, she has changed my life in countless ways with just this one skill!

Harriet Evans - UK








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