The Sagittarian Solar Eclipse December 14th - A Final Farewell …

Friday, December 11, 2020

The Sagittarian Solar Eclipse December 14th - A Final Farewell … - blog post image

...Of Covid, 2020 and?

And the air was full

Of various storms and saints

Praying in the street

As the banks began to break

And I'm in the throws of it

Somewhere in the belly of the beast

But you took your toll on me

So I gave myself over willingly

Oh, you got a hold on me

I don't know how I don't just stand outside and scream

I am teaching myself how to be free

The monument of a memory

You tear it down in your head

Don't make the mountain your enemy

Get out, get up there instead

You saw the stars out in front of you

Too tempting not to touch

But even though it shocked you

Something's electric in your blood

And people just untie themselves

Uncurling lifelines

If you could just forgive yourself

But still you stumble, feet give way

Outside the world seems a violent place

But you had to have him, and so you did

Some things you let go in order to live

While all around you the buildings sway

You sing it out loud, who made us this way?

I know you're bleeding, but you'll be okay

Hold on to your heart, you'll keep it safe

Hold on to your heart, don't give it away

You'll find a rooftop to sing from

Or find a hallway to dance

You don't need no edge to cling from

Your heart is there, it's in your hands

I know it seems like forever

I know it seems like an age

But one day this will be over

I swear it's not so far away

Florence and The Machine


Walking home I heard Florence's flaming redhead tones, she made me stop, turn my head, but she wasn’t there, strange.

I reach for my phone and press shuffle and there she was Florence, ready to sing me a message.

Out of, oh I don’t know I have a lot of songs on itunes. Florence makes up 22 of them.

The night before I dreamt of a tornado ripping through the night sky, the zodiac belt crowning it.

I was looking up not with fear, but with awe, saying to someone, don’t know who...

“See I told you astrology was real!”

The night before that I was bathing in the ancient Roman Baths (in my dreams) and Minerva woke me up - (my cat Minerva named after the Goddess of the Roman Baths)> The Goddess incarnate -saying feed me - NOW!

I get up, feed the Goddess incarnated in my cat and do a Tarotfeely (where I sit in prayer position with an unknown Tarot card between my hands and receive feelings, visions and messages).

I heard “Bring me a Higher Love” and turned it over to find myself face to face with The Fool from The Lightseers deck.

A card that reminds me of my time in Canada - as does the song.

That lunchtime I do a live Tarotfeely in my free tribe, message “be generous” - card?

The Fool, now I know the odds of that, there’s 1 divine fool in every 78!

In the evening before getting on the webinar for my Manifest a Miracle a Month Mastermind, I was guided to lay down on the floor with a crystal in my hand, and lying there I realised I was The Fool that had jumped off the cliff.

I get up, get on the call and yup do a tarotfeely and rose up to connect with the divine.

I’m transported through layers of gold and magenta and connected with a Lion who nudged me with his nose to get on his back, and told me to be full of heart and courage and move forward.

It felt tangible.

And i'm not the only one getting rocked by the upleveling of tarotfeelies in the mastermind.

Those of you that know the Tarotfeely know how powerful it is, well right now it’s tarotfeely on steroids.

The messages coming through are making our hair stand on end, and we know something big is on it’s way…

And you might be like lol where have you been all 2020 Tiff!

And yes, I’m talking a shift as big as covid, a shift that makes us look deep within at what we must shed, a shift that feels like shifting a lifetime.

There’s been no silencing the power of the divine since October.

When I felt Minerva pop out of a manhole here in Bath!

I was about to cancel The Transformational Truth of Tarot Gamechanger event in Bath after not being able to plan or promote due to covid, family illnesses and bereavements.

But she took it all from me, broke it into smithereens, realigned it and rebuilt it aligned to her and delivered it way better than it had previously been.

And she didn’t stop there.

A week ago I launched the rebrand I’ve been working on all year through lives on Facebook.

The launch date was set for Monday 7th, but something weird happened...

The builders that were due to fit a woodburner on the 2nd hadn’t turned up.

Turns out my husband heard the date wrong, - the date was the 7th!

Now it was the 5th, and the problem?

It was going right where I was doing my live - in the lounge.

My work area has been the lounge for as long as I’ve lived in this three bed house, the box room doesn’t have strong enough wifi, even with a booster and the spare room has been in use - until recently - and after all that time I’d got stuck in the lounge.

I was losing my load at my poor husband (who had been the messenger of the divine)!

I totally forgot that I’d heard the divine that very morning....

“You need to clear your work area”

“Yeah, I know, i’ll do it when I’ve got time!”

Of course, the divine knew I meant “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

And now my husband was begging me on the phone…

“Plllleeeassse Tiff! It’s going to cost me £500 to cancel, I’ll make the spare room into an office for you!”

Oh! Now I get it! He’s been sent by the divine to clean my work area, and they didn’t just mean a little clean!

So at the time of the grand rebrand and re-opening, the foundations of my old office were literally being bashed down beneath me and a wood burner fired up as I literally went up a level.

And as I did I had to let go of so much, so many internal pictures and attachments.

I’ve had to not argue with reality, after all the divine fem’s got one up on me!

I was attached to the lounge as my workspace, despite the boundary issues, the pay off being the huge amount of light and space - but it clearly wasn’t all mine.

Now I have a smaller space, with a smaller window and less light, but guess what?

It’s mine. It holds me. I feel safe and I wonder how I’ve managed without it for so long.

It brings to mind the great conjunction of Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn, (boundaries and material world) happening on 21st of 2020.

Bringing The Wheel (Jupiter #10), Judgment #20 & # 21 The World (Saturn).

Each one a huge ending and beginning and almighty karmic dustbuster of the Tarot…

What happens on the macro happens on the micro.

No wonder the builders said they had to put the dust extractor out the back because the neighbours were staring and to be fair they’d never seen so much dust.

They must have thought me mad for smiling at that.

Could it be the Solar flares, or Chiron, the wounded healer (another centaur) going forward the day after the Solar Eclipse in the Sagittarian Centaur?

One thing for sure is its divine fem power on fire and I don’t think it cares to split hairs.

The pictures in the flames are now burning through the old and forming bigger brighter futures, but we have to be willing to go through the galloping chaos of the centaurs, well willing or not it doesn’t matter.

Who are we to stand in the way of the divine will?

Thy will be done, and we are a part of it, not apart of it.

I don’t know what my or your life looks like on the other side of 2020, but my feeling is our egos or what I call “outuition” will no longer be allowed to run the show.

Nothing can remain the same - and that can only be a good thing.

The Transformational Truth of Tarot is one of the things that could not remain the same this year, it was already a good thing, but it needed to fully mature into a great thing.

It’s gone through the covid cocoon of 2020 which gave it time to reorientate and reintegrate and come out as a magnificent mastermind that bring in so many more threads than “just” Tarot, or transformation.

And now It’s time for me to put it out there, let it go and surrender to the divine.

2021 is Judgment giving way and The World opening, i’ll cheers my mulled wine to that!

Manifest a Miracle a Month Mastermind is now open for applications

Until we start over again on the day of Epiphany (Jan 6th) ready to uplevel in 2021?

See Here!✨

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, Solar Eclipse, Great Conjunction and 2021!

Thank you for your kindness and custom this year,



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