Take more water with it - Full Moon in Cancer 29th/30th Dec 2020

Monday, December 28, 2020

Take more water with it - Full Moon in Cancer 29th/30th Dec 2020 - blog post image


The Moon finds herself full in her own home (sign) of Cancer for the second time this year at 3:28am GMT on 30th.

Not normal! “Normal” is one Full Moon in each sign a year. On the astrological surface it looks like we end this epic year the way we started it.


But then again things often seem the same on the surface, when underneath there’s a rich world of tumultuous ever changing sea of life.

Just like the sign of Cancer.


We opened this year with a Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer on Jan 10th.

Do you remember what you were doing? I was lucky enough to be experiencing one of the most memorable moments of my life, so i’ll take you there now.

Let’s go!

Placing one foot in front of the other with great care not because of the surrounding jungle, in fact the earth beneath is incredibly flat and even.

Let’s just say once stung, twice shy, I’ve been here before, a bee got caught in my sandal, but when I threw myself on my back legs waving akimbo screaming ….

‘Help! I’ve been stung by a Scorpion!!!!”

I only looked like an idiot abroad to my friends.

But this time I'm back with clients...

We are wearing sandals.

It’s hot.

It’s SOOOOO hot.

Even with sombreros, my clients' faces are turning redder and redder as the Sun climbs higher and higher in the sky, and I’m feeling a wee bit concerned.

Is there a true reason for the concern, or am I picking up on the vibes of this powerful site?

We arrived early as once the sun is out it’s unforgiving and there’s nowhere to hide.

Time is ticking.

Well maybe you could slink into the jungle but with the noises coming from it i’m not sure you’d want to do that either.

It’s foreboding.

If we were here at the equinox the sun would create the illusion of a snake oozing down the steps from the top of the giant pyramid ahead of us.

If we were here 1001 years ago, we would literally be losing our heads.

But we are here on January 10th 2020, the day of the Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer and I’m jolted back to this present day as the tour guide hands an Obsidian disc to one of my clients and asks her to look at the sun through it.

Obsidian?! That’s a pretty full on stone!

But hey, ho, we are at a pretty intense place!

All of that happened by accident - I didn’t plan for this tour to happen on the day of the eclipse.

I didn’t plan for the tour guide to hand us the obsidian disc and ask us to look through it.

It felt like an initiation into seeing beneath the surface, at a time none of us knew what 2020 had in store.

We saw snakes in temples, l stripped layers in shamanic rites, sweat lodges, past lives and caco ceremonies and we could feel the power of the earth coursing through our veins, telling us we had been brought together to take the message back home.

So what was the message?


“Let go of the plan, let go of control, trust the flow, it is the guidance of the super natural world, the only one that’s really in control, and it’s time to get back in tune”

Easy to do here in the Mayan Peninsula of the Yucatan, where every breeze speaks to you. There’s no mistaking who's in charge, but to be honest I doubted my ability to stand strong enough in it myself, let alone spread it to others once back in the UK.

Nine days earlier, alone in my Mexican jungle flat I saw the New Year in with my normal ritual of laying a card for each month - and I hadn’t liked what I had seen.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t do prediction, it either gets my hopes up or smashes them to smithereens, but New Year’s is the one time a year I break it. But I break it in a way that realigns the prediction to minimise outuition.

*outuiition - a coin I termed meaning using your intuition to tune out of yourself and into another situation or person.

But still, I was struggling with what I’d seen and that’s a crap feeling to start the year with sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Sometimes it’s easier just to live through something.

Those that worry, suffer twice.

2019 had been a good year at least for me and many I spoke to, I felt it in my bones even before I did my new year's ritual.

This time the feeling was shattering my bones - a bit like my skull being severed with one strike of an axe. I had to get out, lighten the load, so I headed to the beach for a walk.

But The Emperor wouldn’t leave me alone.

“ Tiffany, this is the most karmic year your generation has lived through. Whatever action will have an instant reaction. This is the year to increase your consciousness and spiritual practice like never before”

2020 was his year, being the 4th trump in the Tarot and 2020 adding up to number 4.

And Cancer is a number 4 too in that it rules the 4th house in astrology.

So what was 2020 about really, and where are we now?

4’s are the number of structures.

If we look at 4 through The Emperor’s eyes we see restriction, order, law, the man made world “lockdown”.

If we look at 4 through Cancerian eyes it’s still pretty tough shelled stuff, but it stands more for protection of yourself, and loved ones, and your home.

Has 2020 really been as tough as I felt it was at the beginning of the year?

What happened when I came back to the UK?

Did I manage to remain conscious and let go of the plan?

Each and every month of 2020 the rug was pulled out from my feet...




Curse: My Mother in Law had a stroke, went into a coma and died, whilst I was in the midst of a 21 day live program.Bombing up and down the M4 there was a complication with my insurance which added a huge amount of stress. Then we had to learn how to arrange a funeral - and at the beginning of the first ever lockdown, Complex.


Blessing: We got to be with my mother in law in the hospital and none of us caught Covid.I delivered my live programs in the car and the hospital and the program was all the more inspiring for it. We managed to have an unrestricted funeral for her.I saw my own strength in continuing to be of service, to my husband and his father and my clients, the world was mirroring back to me how I was a valued sacred rock in a crisis and I felt it.


Curse: Lockdown mirrored my business. For the first time in 6 years I locked down my main earner - “The Transformational Truth of Tarot” because I needed to reintegrate all I’d learnt into it and upgrade the content - what with that and events and retreats being cancelled my income took a BIG blow.

Blessing: The universe sent to me a sound group of rock solid ideal clients all excited to be locked in the live delivery version of the upgrade and ready to pay for it, they are an absolute godsend.


Curse: I use some of that money to invest in a business course, and it wasn’t a great fit, it was more for start ups and they told me I needed to spend £6k more to get the help I needed - great!

Blessing: I applied successfully for a bounce back loan planning to fund it but when it arrives my intuition keeps telling me it’s not the right thing. Still i’m struggling with the decision when somehow the decision is taken straight out of my hands and I end up in another business support course “by accident”. Here I learn how to create low ticket digitised offers which mean I don’t have to be always delivering things live. Hmmm!


Curse: I visit my Grandparents to find they need more help, my Grandas has had a sudden end of life diagnosis the NHS is stretched,my aunts are on holiday - and at the same time my mum gets diagnosed with Cancer.Overnight I become a live in carer, in a place with no internet at a time I had planned to do my first digital product launch.

I’m seeing why I need digitised offerings more and more, but at the moment I still need to show up live to do the launch. I have to pull the plug on the plan. Right thing to do for that month, which saw me as a live in carer for mum too and speaking at my beloved’s grandad’s funeral.

Blessing:I have to delegate more than ever. Everyone pulled together and took great responsibility for themselves leaving me to spend sacred time with my family and I realised the strength of support around me now, and how it actually helps all of us to rise up to the next level when I delegate.

Oct - Dec:

Oh my god, I find myself more stuck in the plan than ever! It’s the last quarter! I’ve gotta turn this shiz around! I find myself caught in a cycle of ever redoing perfectionism and planning and deliver the most mega launch ever! I have fun doing it but does it go to plan? No! So do I decide to stick to and keep following the plan anyway?

Actually, NO! I f*** it all off and find? FREEEEDOM!

Where am I now? Well, shall we just say if it aint in the flow I don’t wanna know.

So looking back at the beginning of this year knowing what I know now what have I learnt?

First - I’m going to take a quick shimmy into 2019.

2019 gave me great gifts such as my hottest selling retreat of all time - The AstroTarotFlamenco Goddess in Granada Retreat,

2019 gave me the gift of taking the suits of the Tarot to create smaller journeys and offer it to the public which has also gone down a storm.

2019 taught me I need to offer a multitude of things, offline and online, they all feed into each other and work together.

2019 also taught me my business CAN bounce back after a rocky year or two.

All valuable pieces of knowledge to help me stay solid after the rocky year of 2020.

But as hard as 2020 has been it’s given us the ultimate invaluable lessons.

The ones about self care and living simplistically.

The ones about being mindful of what we are buying and who from.

The one’s about how less is more, be simplistic, quiet and humble.

The one’s about what’s really important, the people and time to seize the moment when we can.

And yes the one about letting go of the plan, and following intuition.

2020 taught us life is not out there one day in the future, it’s here now.

It’s not about striving to gain, it’s about living every moment of every day here now.

Looking back now at this Full Moon in Cancer almost a year later, I feel more ready than ever to let go of the plan.

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. George A. Moore

The Man being The plan and The Emperor and…

Cancer being the intuition and the home, both being 4.

This Full Moon in Cancer brings a watershed moment, a powerful moment we have been waiting for for a long time.

I have my Moon in Cancer, so I’m feeling this coursing through my veins, but somehow I think this shift is so big I can’t see it only affecting those with Cancer Sun, Moons or Ascendants.

It's true end of an era, a crescendo ending with the recent eclipses and great conjunction on the solstice.

I think we are all feeling at the end of a monumental year.

We may be finding the life we strive to live giving way to the life we are meant to live. The one that brings us true joy, freedom and happiness.

Whatever endings and losses 2020 brought, the positive aspects to both Uranus and Chiron tell us it’s a watershed moment for our ultimate healing and freedom.

What’s your watershed moment? You’ll feel it in your bones.

If you take a pen and paper and gift yourself time to write, you’ll see the magic and wisdom appear from your pen as you do.

Here’s 3 prompts to help you.

  1. What was the gift/s in 2019 for you?
  1. What were the gifts in 2020 for you?
  1. How are you changing?

It might help you to take it month by month if you can, just like I did above. The process is powerful.

And there’s another process that’s just as if not even more powerful. I’ve spoken about one half of it above, about what I do with the Tarot at New Year.

It’s no doubt that this half of the ritual where we see what lies ahead can be the most challenging.

We can philosophise all we like but still it’s impossible to receive the gift within something before it becomes your “present”.

Still if there’s one thing Tarot teaches you, it’s how you are strong enough to live through whatever comes your way, and strong enough to see it ahead of your present and therefore live through it a lot more consciously.

And if you trust yourself enough to invest in believing in your strength then I invite you to join me for both halves of my new/old year ritual this New Years Eve and Day.

Let’s face it we are going to be in the number 4 of lockdown.

Can you think of a better way to spend it?

We are moving into number 5 the year of The High Priest, Metal Ox, Taurus and change.

I’m sure you feel it, so let’s see it, and live it consciously - if and only if you come with the mindset of whatever you see you are strong enough to live through that is.

Like Chichen Itza, this ritual can be intense, at least as I say, in the second half.

The first half, which I haven’t spoken about, is a powerful healer.

Like the Ghost of Christmas Past it walks you through what happened for you in 2020 month by month.

Not because you don’t already know! Or to make you feel regretful. In fact quite the opposite.

To give you a glimpse behind the veil of the bigger picture, the reasons WHY it all happened the way it did, you literally feel the misunderstandings, pain, regret, shame and guilt water shedding away with every month you travel.

As you know, in life, there’s always the curse and the blessing - one doesn’t come without the other. It’s HOW you live through both that counts.

If you’d like to find out more about the ritual to see if you’d like to join us click below:

See The New Year Ritual✨

You get this free !

Because this happened to me!

And here I am talking about a planner lol! But hey ho, it's a planner with a difference and...

In the words of Astrobutterfly about this Full Moon…

“Something out of your conscious mind comes to you much like an impulse, like an electrical current - and it is so powerful, so enlightening, that you can’t do anything but LISTEN to it. Call it intuition, synchronicity, or an omen - it will bug you and bug you until you acknowledge it."

Wishing you a wonder full Moon in Cancer and 2021!

Thank you for your kindness and custom this year,


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