Sagittarius New Moon Plus 5 Ways To Learn Lessons (Rather Than Repeat Them)!!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sagittarius New Moon Plus 5 Ways To Learn Lessons (Rather Than Repeat Them)!! - blog post image


This month's new moon in Sagittarius on Monday 18th December marks (as always) the end of the year, but this year it marks the end of an era too.
Two days after this New Moon Saturn leaves Sagittarius (where it's been going backward and forwards like a steamroller for the last three years) and it moves into its own sign of Capricorn.


This Sagittarian New Moon is champing at the bit for freedom, Saturn is heavy, and the archer, being such a light, jovial sign, does not deal well with heaviness. The poor horse has had a mighty back-breaking weight to carry for so long, and being the freedom lover it is, the centaur is champing at the starting gate.



However, if we just aim our archers arrow high in the sky without taking a good long serious look at the lessons we have learned, then everything we have gone through the last three years will just amount to pie in the sky.

It's so tempting to let loose right now, so let's look at how we can let loose in a way that's making the most of the wise old trials and tribulations of Saturn, it's time to take a good long look at ourselves, 2017, and the last three years in general - no wonder Mercury is re-trogradeRe-view before you go on to pastures new.


So Here are My Top Five Ways To Make Sure We Learn Lessons Rather Than Repeat Them:

1. SLOW DOWN: More hast less speed is a piece of classic timeless wisdom. Only mid-week this week I was like this lady above, my head was so jammed up with everything I needed to do I became totally inefficient. I defaulted back to my do everything NOW and it will just HAVE to do because I am WAY too BUSY for it to take my time up! What was the result of that? 2 back to back 14 hour days, a broken site and a messed up class because I was SO busy! However... The next day, I was SO tired I HAD to slow down and you know what happened when I did? I realised I wasn't half as busy and short of time as I thought I was. For sure, I was damned busy, but that franticness I felt about it wasn't there. This told me it was more of an "energetic state of mind" that I had wound myself up into to.


2. MAKE A LIST: As boring as it may sound, to make sure we don't go back into our unconscious default a good thing to do is get everything in our heads out in a master to-do list. Then look at each, are you doing something, anything here that doesn't serve you? Is there anything on your list that doesn't need to be? Can you delegate anything? Where can you start making the changes? Have fun with it, play with it, change it up! What haven't you tried that you can try next?


3. LESSON BOARD:  You've heard of a vision board? Well a vision board without a lesson board is really just more pie in the sky! Want to make something that REALLY works? Divide that board into two, on one side put a cutting that represents your lesson and next to it on the other side the vision you want to transform it into, this will make sure you remember what NOT to do if you want your vision to really come true.


4. GET COACHED: Getting a coach is a GREAT way to stop you going round in circles and start making headway, but yes I know they can cost a bomb! So here's how you can get coached on this particular subject for free: Attend my FREE Winter Solstice Masterclass Special: Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet, Unleash and Align With Your Inner Hero by Unlocking The Wisdom in 2017, Your Year Your Story at 7 pm GMT this Thursday and we will spend an hour going over your lessons of 2017, pulling them out, extracting the wisdom and actually APPLY it to 2018.
Click here to register. Yes there will be a replay, but you need to register!


5. GET VISUAL! Whatever the biggest lesson is for you right now, write it out and stick it EVERYWHERE - in the frame of a POSITIVE AFFIRMATION! The subconscious doesn't hear negatives - don't think of a pink elephant, will you? :) So instead OF "I must not smoke" it would be "I breathe in clean, fresh air, deep into my lungs and feel invigorated. Another visual reminder is in the AstroTarotMantra Horoscope and Wallpaper section of my Inner Transformation Circle every month. Monthly, I upload your AstroTarot Horoscope and I make you a Mantra Wallpaper too so you can have a visual to keep you on track for the month :)
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Whatever you do, be kind to you, lessons take time to learn, and they are easy to forget - if we don't support ourselves to reframe them that is.

I look forward to hopefully seeing you this Thursday on my Masterclass Special!

Here's to making 2018 a year of big visions and strides forward, 

Tiffany x



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