Pisces New Moon and 111 - Let's Get Spiritual: What To Do When Your Hands Are Tied.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pisces New Moon and 111 - Let's Get Spiritual: What To Do When Your Hands Are Tied. - blog post image


Hello and welcome to the Piscean New Moon happening on 17th March at the auspicious time of 1:11 pm GMT it's time to get spiritual!

This is an incredibly powerful Moon for making new intentions on your spiritual path, but that may well mean the need to let some things be just what they are... 

Pisces is the realm of spirituality, New Moons are the new starts and 111 is such an auspicious number I wrote a whole book on it. In The Transformational Truth of YOU! I talk about how it is the number of CO - creation. Eg. Remembering that you are a channel for the universe to birth it's magic here on earth. That your wants and needs are not a separate thing and to increase your awareness of that. 



Every day I take a Tarot card.

Without looking, I place it between my hands and close my eyes, and listen for the message.

Today's message was "open to wonder, shift the energy"

The card was The Hanged Man, so perfect we have this energy leading up to Easter, The Hanged Man is the martyr, The Hanged Man is ruled by Pisces, The Hanged Man hangs by his foot (the body part ruled by Pisces) The Hanged Man has his hands tied. What with Mercury being in shadow preparing for retrograde on 23rd along with Jupiter, which went retrograde on 9th, try not to panic if you feel your hands are tied, because the magic is elsewhere, and magic is what we have in double doses this week - (confirmed by getting The Magician twice for this week in this months AstroTarotChannel in The Inner Transformation Circle).

So what can you do when your hands are tied?

1. Hold your vision for 17 Seconds It's Worth 2000 hours of Manpower!
Yesterday I was at a gathering where we did a 17-second meditation on our future vision. I was surprised, as I usually am in meditations, that the vision I had was not what I expect it to be. Something else came along strong. The facilitator told us that holding your vision was worth 2000 hours of manpower.

Hard to believe I know, but this is one of the teachings of Abraham, always hard to believe at first, but then when you look into it, it makes a lot more sense. For example, how often do we say what we want without saying why we can't have it in the very next sentence? If we won't let ourselves have it then how can we receive it?

I have a story about this when my husband kept telling me I needed a new computer, but I wasn't allowing it. One day he said it again and all of a sudden I said "Yes! You are right and I want the best!" The energy was a strong declaration and I ended up manifesting the best computer, brand new, for free.

Don't forget the power of changing your energy. After all, it's no coincidence that 17 is the number of The Star in the Tarot. Hold your wish upon a Star for 17 seconds - daily. That's all.

2. Listen To Your Thoughts.
Particularly with Mercury being retrograde too, the messages are within.

Yesterday I heard the message in my head that trying to live a life that is not your life, e.g maybe you want your life to be more like your friends or your business to be more like your competitors, is not where success is found. Success is found only in honouring your own unique path. If that wasn't enough, just to make sure I got the message I had a client in the afternoon who came to me because she was not feeling the ways she was being told that she should be building her business, and yes, what came through was the very same message.

3. Humility.
Pride comes before a fall. Having your hands tied will stop you from cutting your nose off to spite your face, and what with Mercury Retrograde too it's time to look at the past and see where you can become more accepting of what has happened and the part that you had to play in it too.

Release the blame on yourself or another, we are not playing the blame game here, we are simply softening the pain by treating the wound with balm rather than blame.

"Every decision you make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle - relinquish the grievance and choose the miracle" - Deepak Chopra.


There's a bigger picture at work, somethings just go the way they are meant to go, reach out to someone in your thoughts, be the bigger person by thinking of yourself less, that's what humility is, to think of yourself less rather than think less of yourself, what do you, that person and the situation need to come to peace?

A good mini meditation for that is to ask the following three questions:
1. What's for my highest good in this situation?
2. What's for the highest good of the other in this situation?
3. What'd for the highest good of all in this situation?

You'll know when you have the right answer because it will be the same for all three - we cannot empower another by disempowering ourselves, so if you don't get all three the same something else needs working on first (namely codependency) we are in the time of the martyr so we may well need to:

4. Meditate.
 Meditation will increase your awareness of the way you are thinking, feeling, acting, living, the choices you are making, and how when you stop and slow down some of them are obviously not such a good idea, you may start to think why on earth am I doing that? Only a mad person would do that! Don't worry, that's normal! Why not try meditating for 17 minutes for a week and see what happens!?


5. Tie The Knot.                                                                                                                                                                                It's time to make or renew a commitment to another or the universe - the phrase "Tie The Knot" comes from the ancient pagan marriage ceremony - a "handfasting". This could be deciding to do a detox, a retreat, or embark on a course for your spiritual development ( email contact@tiffanycrosara.com if you would like to chat with me to get some direction). What with Mercury retrograde you may find that there is a renewed commitment to people or subjects from your past. For instance, I have just moved back home to the UK after two years abroad. This is a renewed commitment to my family and community, I have rejoined a Business Academy, Toastmasters, my Coaching Academy and a company I used to work for delivering one-day courses in the psychic arts in London (more on that soon)! What is it from your past that is asking for renewed commitment?

Now it's time to go deeper on your spiritual path, here's an instant chance to do so:
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