The Eclipse of Authenticity - 12 Signs You Are Feeling It!

Thursday, February 08, 2018

The Eclipse of Authenticity - 12 Signs You Are Feeling It! - blog post image

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on 31st saw dramatic emotions, oversized egos, and cutting clearings, that can't be denied.

Relationships that seemed strong faltered, houses that seemed secure got burgled, and people that had their feet planted firmly on the planet, no longer did. I am talking head, heart and yes body, I heard of at least three passings during this time. The passage of the ferryman on the river of Styx came into view and delivered the message that it was time to change our environment in one way or another, and some of us got that message from our boundaries being transgressed.

As deep as the knife cut, something amazing happened....
We found courage to be uniquely strong and true to who we are, despite what others said we should or shouldn't be or do.
Well, when I say we. I mean me! But not just me. During this eclipse I took a group of people through a ten day Authenticity Activation and it was powerful...

Two days before it even started I had already got past caring :)

I posted a video up on Youtube whilst I was so strong in this state that it wasn't even processed properly! It had no picture after two minutes and it instantly 10 likes straight away and comments such as "thank you for putting this up so imperfectly, I listen to it all because I was so interested in what you were saying - it's shown me the need to drop perfection, so inspiring!" "WOW!" etc...
I was so gutted to lose them all when I replaced it with the "perfect" copy.
But the real reason I have mentioned it is because, getting past caring and posting on Youtube in that moment so one of the most lucid and powerful moments of my career.
I found my voice properly, perhaps for the first time, and it resonated like a massive wake up call to others. The second version again, got 10 likes in the first hour - as well as two direct paid bookings (that never happens anymore!)
In a world of carbon copies authenticity become even more important than ever before, and shit man! This happened two days BEFORE we even started!
Half way through the ten days we had fallen on the eclipse and there was another big shift. We were all going through it, people were being burgled, loved ones were dying and everyone was crying for one reason or another - great marketing huh?

But they stuck it out.

Because what came out of that was incredible...

We found the courage to let go of whatever was demanding to be cut away so we could be free, we stopped chasing those who were being weird with us, we stopped apologising for being ourselves, we stopped clinging to that which was no longer right, we turned our attention inward and found:

1. Our values.
2. Our truth.
3. What was and wasn't acceptable.
4. Where we had been giving our power away.
5. What we would and wouldn't allow.
6. The ability to stop trying to conform.
7. The ability to stop caring about what others thought.


And then the dam broke and the huge wave of strength that had been repressed broke free, and filled us with an amazing power to be ourselves, to respect ourselves, to know ourselves and to not apologise for it.

So now we land at the Partial Solar Eclipse in Authentic Aquarius 15th Feb 2018. 20:51 GMT, conjunct Mercury and Sextiling Uranus, the work that began during the Full Moon Eclipse in Leo gets heightened - and in a good way.

The more you work at the following this month, the more breakthroughs you will see in these areas:

1. The ability to be original and unique.

2. The ability to think lucid and out of the box.

3. The ability to break old behaviours that keep you stuck.

4. The ability to be authentic self more than ever before.

5. The ability to let go of people and places that no longer serve you.

Here's to your freedom this February and beyond. It's happening now, it's deeply truly happening. The time is now.


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Wishing you an incredible new chapter ahead...

Tiffany x

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