Libra New Moon Sat 28th Sept - Higher Love Is An Inside Job.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Libra New Moon Sat 28th Sept - Higher Love Is An Inside Job. - blog post image


There’s a tune that’s been playing in my head the last couple of days - and not only there, yesterday it was blasting out from a shop too, never quite known this song to do that before.

There are three lines in this song that jump out to me when tuning into the energy for this Autumn’s New Moon in Libra:

The first two:

“Think about it, there must be higher love. Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above

Without it, life is a wasted time. Look inside your heart, I'll look inside mine.”

They feel like the antidote to this one:

Worlds are turning and we're just hanging on. Facing our fear and standing out there alone.

Translated? Bring me a higher love!

But oh how that is an inside job!

Welcome to the New Moon in Libra, it feels like a mighty special one this year, but you will require a desire for a higher love to get you through this - just like life, it's probably the longest blog I have ever written - but here it is!


I feel its presence in my bones, transformation.

I look up what aspects Pluto is making this New Moon and it’s not! Well, at first glance it's not but look a little deeper, and it is squaring ( a tense aspect ) to Mercury (the mind and ruler of Virgo) and Venus (the heart and things we value) and sextile (harmonious) aspect that Venus is making to Jupiter this New Moon is the strongest aspect during this New Moon. What with that and a quincunx (karmic aspect) with Uranus (the wake up shake up planet) connecting the Sun ( consciousness ) and Moon ( subconsciousness) it looks like we are in a time of deep mind and heart alteration.

Translated? Bring me a higher love!

The world is turning.

We have just had the equinox, we are at a deep changing of the seasons and ourselves.

Can you feel it?

Does your life feel the same as it did two or three months ago?

If so have you’ve been hanging on? Not facing your fear? And standing out there alone?

And if so, can you let go?

It’s amazing what we find when we do….

It reminds me of when I was a practicing Tarot reader, I read something of Osho’s (who looks like The Hermit).

It was along the lines of…

“Even when love is right in front of someone, they won’t see it, they’ll keep wondering for it, doubting it’s there, looking over the shoulder of love for all time”

Umm I think I might have just added that shoulder bit - cool! It just struck me as that’s what happens when we hug, we meet at the heart, but our head looks over the shoulder of the other.

When I read that it struck me as one of the saddest things in the universe.

Because I knew it was true.

People were coming to me all day, every day doing this very thing.

I made a promise to myself to make it my practice from that very day on to be love in the moment.

That moment was six years ago.

How am I doing with that promise?


It’s a practice :) ....

Now let’s leave the last six years behind, come with me into the present.

I swear to you my heart tells me I landed in the heart chakra of the world ten days ago.

So where am I?

Glastonbury right?

Isn’t that the heart chakra of the world?

Apparently so, but my heart says no.

Have you been to Glastonbury?

I’ve been there a couple of times, I live but a stone’s throw away, and that’s where I’ll stay. It’s somewhere people always say I should be, in Glastonbury rather than Bath. But to be honest, I like I need a week of Bath’s when I have been in Glastonbury, and if that’s the heart chakra of the world then all I can say is that it feels to me like we have a lot of healing to do.

I’m in Canada.

Can’t quite believe I’m here, but I am, I have been here six whirlwind days already and I still feel like a hologram. What is real? Reality seems to be shifting around a lot here.

The first thing I saw this morning was a post about our relationship to money asking how you would feel if you were in a relationship with someone that winged you were never enough? That never acknowledged you when you showed up? Or blamed you for things they didn’t feel they could do? What if they ignored you for months and then became desperate to see you? Or made plans with you and never followed through? Sucked you of all your energy until nothing was left? The post goes on, but you get my point.

Whether it’s love or money, it’s actually not an external thing, and this is what the Venus ruled sign of Libra is all about. 

That’s the hologram of “reality”.

The real reality is that love or money or whatever makes you feel fulfilled is there in your grasp whenever you decide - it’s a decision you make about whether you act from lack or grace.

I believed Canada would purify my body, holding a retreat here during the Libra New Moon is no accident as far as the universe is concerned.

I believed the pines, lakes, nature, air would cleanse my body, and my soul, but I hadn’t given my heart a thought.

What a wake up call.

The night I landed I had a vision of the Virgin (Virgo) Mary who told me this land would open my heart to the world. That it was time to “be love”. It was profound, even more so because she isn’t a diety I have had a visitation from before - angels, ascended masters, higher beings, higher love? Not really! 

Souls that need help to move across because they are stuck in the lower astral fields - that's been more my experience, but BOOM!

I was left feeling like she’d literally touched my heart.

It was opening, expanding throbbing as I was immersed in a beautiful green ray.

I went to bed knackered about 7pm EST /midnight BST. I woke up at 1:11/7:11 bst, convinced it was breakfast.

I was starting a new Fool’s Journey that day, and had booked a tour of the basilica, before I went I set The Fool as a screensaver on my phone.

The tour guide was such a fool, light on his feet like the pied piper leading us through the streets, he was camp, out the closet and out of the box.

He started the tour showing us a dance of British and French statues facing off to each other, gave us a lesson on native history (Montreal is Mohawk) and took us down medieval alleyways that he said light up at night and tell the native stories - the one he took us down has the story of the turtle birthing the world (The Big Bang / The Fool).

But it wasn’t until we got to the basilica of Notre Dame that OMG I really saw The Fool...

We stopped in front of a statue of an English man with a mask on carrying a dog (just like The Fool) in a pose of snubbing the Notre Dame Basilica, across from him is a statue of a French Woman with a poodle and a mask snubbing a British Bank.

The masks represent that bigotry is not something we are born with.

It’s an external face the world masks us with - not a true part of who we are.

Diagonally across the Virgin Mary on the outside of the basilica of Notre Dame has no hands - they both broke off at the same time on the coldest day Canada has seen in 2017 - they are still in one piece due to landing in all the snow - faceless, handless, mysteries. The parts that break and the parts that mask.

As we sat in front of the altar I could feel the next card of The Magician activate, electric tingles were flooding through me, sometimes as this happens the next cards in the sequence merge as they did here: The Fool, The Magician AND The High Priestess (Virgin Mary) as Tom the tour guide talked about how Mary is more important than Jesus here and that’s why the basilica is decked out in “Virgin Mary blue” - as if on cue I burst into tears.

The tour guide asked me what I was doing here and I told him I was speaking at The Light and Love Tarot Reading Festival which was an event about busting the misconceptions of Tarot - something close to my heart ( getting wobbly again - he must have been like who is this crazy emotional English woman). I told him Quebec has seen a dramatically high rise of 25% interest in tarot over the last 18 months, he was blown away and asked why I thought that was and I said other than striking me as a multicultural cosmopolitan province I had no idea why...

Queue next stop, the  courtyard of le Royer - a Frenchman who had a dream which was a direct message from God telling him about a land that he had to send people to because they would become a very special and spiritual nation...

I said to Tom, "thank you, you just answered your own question, and mine"

Followed by stories about the local pub landlord having more of a turnout than the prime minister because he never let anyone go hungry, and how a lot of French Canadians adopted Jewish refugees in the First World War.

My message was clear. Let go of the mask and open your heart to the world

Day 3: The Magician I wake up at 3am - convinced it’s breakfast, it’s a long time until my day gets going.

It’s the first night of the festival. I arrive at 5pm/midnight. I feel okay. Finally, have I broken through the lag? Or is it just adrenalin from getting to meet people I am connected to in person?

Yes, It’s meet and greet time.

A man walks up to my gamechanger, he asks me how I came up with the idea, I tell him I didn’t, The Magician did, he didn't seem like he knew how to take that.

It’s talk time.

People are sharing stories about how they came to Tarot, a lady shares how her husband is a Magician and wanted to use Tarot for magic, so he bought a pack but she felt wrong about it, and that activated her journey - turns out her husband was the man I spoke to - The Magician.

On the way home I feel The High Priestess card (Virgin Mary) activate.

I can’t stop thinking about my daughter Lauren beyond the other side of the veil (High Priestess), she is everywhere I look here. Everything is called Lauren something or another. I get my phone out and flick through there “just happens” to be a post about “rainbow babies” and being a Sagittarius/ Temperance she most definitely is that. I share the post and woah how much love does that get in return, people opening up and honouring their rainbow babies too, oh my emotions are high .

The emotions are back, the heart is back. Oh heck.

Day 4: Here we go High Priestess day, thank God my talk isn’t until tomorrow.

I’m awake at 5am hungry for breakfast, still not through the lag, but it’s an improvement in wanting breakfast at 11pm I suppose.

I leave the flat with The High Priestess (Virgin Mary) on my phone screensaver.

On the metro I am aware of a man who’s looking at me. He gets off at the same stop.

At the ticket barrier I am rummaging for my ticket, he explains I don’t need it and pushes a button (trigger) for me so I can be released and then goes on to tell me I am beautiful and he likes my style - all in quite an innocent and almost angelic way.

I’m aware of how “English” I am - looking for something I don’t need, making it harder than it needs to be, and of course how uptight and suspicious I felt around him - until I dropped the need for a ticket or a guard and felt the heart, that is.

On arrival at the conference a lady tells me a story about how her son is getting married next week on her the anniversary of her late husband, her one true love, and tells me her story, a beautiful story of real unconditional love between the two of them and we both have tears in our eyes as she tells me. Then the founder David  Lacopo tells me he married his wife in the Notre Dame Basilica - WOAH! What is this powerful energy stirring and whizzing up in my chest?

Next up, I’m being filmed holding space for a Game Changer, it’s okay, I’ve got this!

A lady in Virgin Mary blue approaches me and burst into tears - she’s a bit taken back by this and thinks she is starstruck - I tell her it’s okay, I don’t think she is, I think she’s just picking up on my emotions.

Next, I’m starstruck!

Chris Anne Donnelly sits herself down on my table, this is a dream come true! I’ve admired her work from afar since I found her a year ago and now she’s on my table! Damn! My manifesting skills are getting good!

Next up all time Tarot Legend Mary K Greer, imagine that on High Priestess (Mary) day.

I’m sat there eagerly awaiting the wisdom - from “MARY”

The Great Grandmother of Tarot has appeared right in front of me to share her knowledge with me on High Priestess day. Is this all really happening? It feels like a dream.

Mary asks us to name three cards that feel prosperous.

I choose The Empress, The Nine and Ten of Pentacles.

She then asks us to choose three cards that look like scarcity.

I choose The Five of Pentacles, Nine of Wands and Seven of Swords.

Woah! The having these feelings in front of my face strike hard, what a powerful picture of prosperity not being an external thing, it is a feeling, an energy I can choose to align myself to or not, right here, right now, just like love. It’s not some elusive futuristic thing. You are the one who creates that feeling within every given moment - or not.

This is the power of the Tarot, and of Mary K Greer! 😉

She asks us to write a sentence about what abundance means to us.

I write “ I am grounded enough to conduct myself with presence, grace and humility”

After that i’m the opposite of grounded.

I feel like i’ve been spiked, yup that’s it, my somewhat cynical (yes believe it or not) Virgoan Mercury Monkey Mind tells me - someone’s put ecstacy and mushrooms in my Lavazza Coffee.

The sessions are flowing leading into one another, Katrina Wynne gets us thinking about the spirituality in divination, Jeanne Fiorini gets us looking at the intention behind what we do, Chris Anne Donnelly shares with us her magical spritely energy to pick us up again and Lori Lytle asks us to lock an intention into an amulet she has given us - a key, of course it’s my sentence...

‘I am grounded enough to conduct myself with presence, grace and humility”

We are to take a card for what will help us do so. I turn my card over to see The King of Cups ( King of the heart and emotional mastery) I ’m sat next to one, a student of mine whose a male Pisces, and of course, the founder of The Light and Love Tarot Reading himself David Lacopo - another male Pisces. As always, there aren’t many males in a place like this, you could count them on one hand, so it’s interesting that the two I know are both Pisces/ King of Cups.

We are to set a date for when we’d like this to master this by. For me, it’s now. I got the message loud and clear.

It’s something I decide to create or not at any given moment. It is done.

It’s 5pm and there’s an hour break until Katrina is awakening our universal purpose, but I know my purpose right now, my talk is first thing tomorrow and I know I need to re-write it. I race back to my flat and pour out a whole new talk. One that delivers the message but with the best light and love I know.


I’m WAY out of my comfort zone. Humour is something so individual, so hit and miss. You have to be so precise with the timing - the pauses, the way you tell em. If you don’t get it right it’s going to be such a big WAA WAAAAAAA.

I’ve never done a comedy sketch before but hey ho that’s what is staring me in the face and who am I to argue with this strong divinely guided energy?

I can’t practice it. It’s 11pm/ 5am and it’s clear i’m still not in the jet lag free zone yet. I’m out of time. There’s no thing for it. I have to go to bed and wing it in the morning.

‘Just be The Fool Tiffany” I hear as I drift off to sleep.

Day 5: I’m on The Empress today…

The embodiment of a grounded goddess that conducts herself with presence, grace and humility. It doesn’t sound like The Fool energy I was told to be the night before does it? Hmmm. On second waking thoughts…. “Presence, grace, poise, timing, execution and humility, maybe those things need to mastered to carry off comedy?”I think as my still slightly jetlagged eyes ping open at 5am again.

Before I step out the door I put The Empress on my phone, I  put my grounding key amulet from Lori around my neck and repeat “I am grounded enough conduct myself with presence, grace and humility”

I look like a nutter in the metro, dressed in fool like clothes, muttering under my breath as I practice my talk. The metro is half an hour, that’s all I need to practice I try to fool myself into thinking.

But one stop in and the same guy from yesterday gets on in the same carriage of this very long train made of many carriages and i’m triggered by him again! He says good morning and sits down opposite me.

I smile politely but inside i;ve turned into a kind of schitziod screaming medusa.

My head is just split outta control - a polite English head is saying inside...

Please will you silently get that I don’t want you to speak to me? Don’t take it personally, just understand I don’t have time to be nice to you today- thank you :)

The other schitzo twin is raging inside.



(Ouch! Sounds like I am dissing us Brits, we have great qualities too, this just ain’t one of them).

I start to relax a little - whilst still smiling tightlipped on the outside :)

I didn’t think it was possible to look any more of a nutter but there's nothing like a bit of contortionist body language to realise I was wrong.

Well I don’t know if he was one of these super spiritual people that Le Royer founded here in this land but it seemed like he read my mind.

He just stayed there, next to me, with his eyes, ears (earphones) and mouth shut not engaging with me, radiating “I’m grounded and present enough to conduct myself with grace and humility” whilst I rocked back and forward whispering my lines to myself in between reaffirming...

“I’m grounded and present enough to conduct myself with grace and humility”

I finish talking to myself, whilst rocking back and forth and look at him, as if on cue he opens his eyes, gives me a smile and shuts them again.

Our stop is here. His eyes, ears and mouth are still shut.

What do I do?

Okay, I decide the angelic thing is to let him know.

I nudge him gently, he stirs “ Is this your stop?” I say.

He gets off the train with me, and then tells me it’s the next one!


He says it makes no difference really and it’s nice that I looked out for him!

Now I feel part angel, part devil. I may not be a screaming wailing love child of a banshee and medusa anymore, but now i’m walking along with this guy who got off a stop early because I asked him if this stop was his and i’m not sure how I feel about that!

Well, grateful as it happens, because it turned out I would have been totally stuck without him and not got to my talk at all.

My phone was down because I left my charger at the conference the night before and practicing my talk rinsed the battery. I couldn’t get an uber, or the bus as I had no Canadian cash - so he rang me a taxi, put me in it, told the driver in French where I needed to go and kissed my hand goodbye as he courteously put me in it, said goodbye and I froze! Yup, just turned into a total cardboard cut out. 

Yup, now I am wrestling with guilt, jees this Foolish English mask.

It’s not just melded onto my face but on my heart in such a bigoted way.

My mind goes back to when I arrived on the first night, I had to carry my stupidly overpacked suitcase up some steep external street stairs and a dainty young french lady stopped and helped me carry it up. (My husband said to me before I left why have you packed fourteen outfits when you will have a washing machine? Shhh! Don’t tell him but he was right :)) Well, I could show her my gratitude easily, she was the same sex that was easy. I was still looking at her and sending her gratitude through my smile as she walked off down the street, stopping to return the smiling gesture before she crossed the road - again like she knew.

It feels like Canada is made of angels, maybe it’s the real heart chakra.

Maybe Montreal is the real city of angels.

But even if it’s not, it sure as heaven feels like it to me and I have fallen far from Grace.

It’s okay Canada I see the mirror messages and I don’t expect a miraculous instant healing….not even from Mary, I mean she's lost her hands. 

The taxi drops me off and I seem to have magically appeared there in front of all the eager faces, and whack, all that fills my head is a spontaneous recall of an anxiety dream I had about this very moment about a week ago.

I was dressed as a Fool, it was opening evening and I hadn’t rehearsed a thing, I was happy with that in the dream, after all, that’s The Fool! But the director was having a fit at me. I didn’t realise at the time the dream was prophetic (although David is well mannered and I can’t imagine him ever having a fit at me).

So where was the fit? OMG! It’s in the room! Fits of laughter ringing through the air! It's like music to my ears and it’s opening my heart no end. I’m looking around, and yup, it seems everyone is having a ball!

OMG is that my Tarot heroine Rachel Pollack crying with laughter? Bloody hell it is!

I ask if anyone has heard of Tarotphobia before?

Rachel pipes up, “Me! just now!” Before slinking back down into her seat with her shoulders convulsing.

I love it! I get to the end ....My god, I think I’ve done it!

Oh the magic of Tarot, the normal rules of life just don’t apply...

Rachel gets up for her talk - her opening line is “Tiffany is a hard act to follow”

OMG did she just say that??

But of course like The Empress that she is she smashed it out the ball park with her profound knowledge of sacred history her line;

“People sometimes think the Rider Waite Deck is a beginner deck...

But people study this deck for a lifetime and don’t scratch the surface”


As an example she talks about how the male and female are in the same places when they appear in the Major until the Tower and after that things are changed permanantly, the male is on the right - the female is on the left.

My god, i’ve been working with this deck for twenty years and I’ve never seen that!


She goes on to point out thing after thing that i’ve never seen, and I know that when I see her again, even if its every year from now on for twenty years she’ll still be able to do the same thing. 

She does a public reading with a lady whose feeling sad. The lady thinks she’s the woman figure in the Judgment card (see my meme).

Rachel says “How about perhaps you are the angel?”


And not just for the lady.

The whole room feels like they’ve just been elevated to angel status.

- and WOW I can feel this in me too!

She talks about Tarot being an “outlawed profession” from old because the priests had breastplates used for divination, so it was okay for them behind closed doors but not okay for the public.

My talk was about Tarot being taboo, in it a phrase I used was “The T Word” this Rachel quotes, and David looks at me as if to say “ did you hear that? ;)”

Afterward she tells me on more than one occasion how much fun she was having with my talk :) I can’t find it in myself to tell her we met once before, back in 2012 when I did my first tarot talk at a conference, I was cowering under the table dressed in a proper jesters costume, I roused her curiosity as she came over with a slightly concerned but curious look on her face! I was starstruck then too :) This time I think I just owned The Fool rather than it owning me.

Inspiration after inspiration is pouring forth from an invisible fountain all day long.

Tara Greene puts us all into a magical trance as we channel the hidden energies in our soul cards like The High Priestess she really is. She splits the room up to sit in their soul card groups - interestingly there are no Empresses - this makes me smile as I remember the inside job of “I’m grounded and present enough to conduct myself with grace and humility” and the fact i'm on The Empress today.

Beth Seilonen helps us get set on a timed goal, picking cards for each time frame:

First month:

The Two of Pentacles - this I can see.

Second month: Lovers? Oh really! Come on!

Third month: King of Wands. My default setting, let's turn him on all the time!

And that’s because of coming from the three cards I chose with Mary that look like scarcity...

But i’m not doing that anymore.

I’m being grounded and present enough to conduct myself with grace and humility - now I see The Two of Pentacles and Lovers in a completely different way. I get it. Things aren’t to be the same again.

The flow continues as Catharine Allan deconstructs some majors for us to look at, and David ends by immersing the room in a Gong Bath to intergrate the energies of things never being the same, although not before following on from the deconstructing vibe of Catherine Allan, as he deconstructed Temperance to bring her into school: He asked the teacher of his son’s class if he could come and teach the class meditation, and the teacher said.

“You won’t keep them for a minute.” He kept them for an hour.

And now he’s hired to teach problematic children meditation.

And as I said about Temperance, David being David will, by hook or crook find a way to bring Tarot in the mainstream (something I really respect him for). So he took a black and white print out of the angel of Temperance (without the title or anything else that gave it away as Tarot) into a school for first graders to colour in, and what happened was incredible - the children were talking about past lives and saying their eyes were opening and the could see the future.

But being Temperance, there’s always a polarity…

Second graders? It’s not there anymore.

An inspirational talk about the importance of preserving the next generation if we are to evolve past the confines that society has imposed on us and deadened us to - one of these days.

Well, maybe those days aren’t as far away as we think?

Back to this New Moon in Libra,

Yup, that’s what we started on all those words ago. And my words may not seem like I was talking about the New Moon in Libra, but look again.

As the famous Libra Lawyer Gandhi said there's a higher court of Justice, that is the court of conscience. It supercedes all other courts." 

This Moon signifies rising above the challenges of the heart and mind so we can be the higher love that's already here.

Libra can purify all for you, but it’s an inside job.

One I will put my hand up to and say it’s something I have to work at daily, but I have found a passion, a purpose and a path that helps me to do so, this path is something I share with others and it helps them too.

It’s The Transformational Truth of Tarot path.

This path is my life, and why I got on a plane to Canada in the first place. As soon as I heard David's message of Tarot for spiritual development I knew I had to be a part of it, and here's why.

The Transformational Truth of Tarot ( ttt) keeps on giving transformations in more and more ways.

Only this week one of my students is talking about t weight loss they are getting (near on 3 stone), others are giving up the booze because their bodies just scream poison at them when they try to drink and someone else's long term incurable migraines have reduced by 40% (and that is only in her first month)

Here’s a few other case stories for you:

Have you ever thought of reaching out to me for a chat to see if it's right for you? If so maybe the time is now?


Wishing you a wonderful higher love,

Tiffany x






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