New Moon in Sagittarius - It's Getting Hot In Here - Part 2!

Saturday, December 01, 2018

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Welcome to the New Moon in Sagittarius on Friday December 7th at 7:20 AM BST.

To understand this New Moon we must think back to the full Moon a couple of weeks ago on 23rd November when hot-blooded Mars in passive-aggressive Pisces squared the trickster God Gemini Full Moon. The energy was baffling and hard to handle, nothing was as it seemed or straight up, in fact, it was totally uptight and damn right confusing, our wounds were triggered left right and centre and we haven't had enough time to recoup and recover. 


Now, we are in for part 2 as the Sagittarius New Moon also squares Mars (and Neptune too) bringing delirious hot-headedness, in fact, hotheadedness when we have already lost our heads!

Mercury also turns direct the day before this new Moon of course in the tactless sign of Sagi- this is one of the tensest times there is, arrows of change are firing off of in all directions.

New Moon's mark new beginnings and the Sagittarian Full Moon is usually one of many good feelings, positivity and cheer, a time to aim your arrow high in the sky and fire, usually, and it's not as if this isn't the case here, but this year we are being asked to think bigger, further, wider, further...all the way to the partial eclipse on 6th January 2019.

Let's paint a picture of a story to get the message across, maybe you can see it playing out in your own life?

Once upon a time, the Centaur King Sagittarius was countering quite happily through his woods that he shared with his people, his kingdom was growing well and relations were harmonious throughout the land.
Until one day a weary traveller from a different culture, with a different way of living arrived, the King had what they needed and welcomed them into his wood despite having reservations about how the differences might be too large to bridge.


The weary traveller was at first a blessing to the community, but as time went on it got harder and harder for the King and traveller, the King knew there was a barrier in understanding which meant the weary traveller could not embrace the principles of the community fully, eventually the traveller poisoned the community against the King and misunderstandings broke out in the community, even long-standing loyalists became confused enough to fire at the King.

Now imagine King Sagittarius as the centaur, as a bruised and battered warrior with his bow and arrow, that's the Tarot card for this New Moon.

The Nine of Wands. Uptight, stressed out and expectant, on high alert and unable to rest, he has to go on, he has now spread himself way too thin, taken on way too much and only has himself to rely on.
Yup, we are looking at a civil war crisis point. Batten down the hatches, times are a changing and it's time to be okay with that because the next level is coming.

Here are six things you need in your first aid kit:


1. Mindset: Remember this IS a blessing in disguise, wherever the rumbles are happening don't try to suppress them or patch things up, yes be kind, yes be graceful, yes be responsible, just don't hang on due to fearing change.


2. Meditate: Every morning reach for your meditation, set your intention to show up and serve to your best ability for all that come into your path today, don't look for people to bring into your path and don't look to keep people on your path, let whoever is there be there, and let whoever or whatever needs to go with grace, affirm to yourself that the clearing is a healthy, good and necessary shedding.


3. Respite: Stop doing anything that feels out of alignment or too much of a struggle, a lot of us are feeling overexerted, scattered and confused right now, so stop, stop expending your energy. Come back to you, gather your strength and streamline your plan.


4. Boundaries: A big message at the moment is boundaries, it's time to cut the crap, get realistic, drop the people pleasing and fear, know your worth and just say how it is. Not from a hurt, vengeful, immature reactive position, but from a responsible one of knowing things have to be different going forward.


5. Time: Give yourself time to review at what has and hasn't worked for you this year, and what you will and won't put up with going forward, where, how, what, when and who do you want to put your energy into. It's time to make a new game plan.


6. Resolve: The commitment to believe things can be different once we have done all of the above. Expecting them to be different beforehand will only cause further issues. Resolve to face the truth of the matter at hand now and resolve to channel the energy in a new direction that's right for you - properly.


With this Sagittarian New Moon, there's such a pullback which serves our arrow to hit a bigger better more powerful target in a months time around 6th January, instead of two weeks time like the normal new moon/full moon cycle.

Right now we are being given the gift of time, pull back and use it wisely.

If you are feeling the call for some help with that don't let it get critical before you call.

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And remember it is STILL a NEW Moon/start.

Set those intentions and fire that arrow wisely!

Wonderful New Moon Wishes to you, 

Tiffany. x



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