New Moon in Gemini - May 22th 2020 -2nd chances! Whats for the soul won’t pass the soul.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New Moon in Gemini - May 22th 2020 -2nd chances! Whats for the soul won’t pass the soul. - blog post image

New Moon in Gemini - May 22th 2020 at 6:38 pm BST -What's For The Soul Won’t Pass The Soul.

Take a look at all those twos! But that's not the only reason we have a divine time for second chances...

The easiest way I can describe this moon time to you is to tell you about how I met my husband.

Lets go way back - to 2003! It was just another ordinary day in my shop as an innocent (well kind of) twenty - something.

That is until this man walks in, he asks me for a green tea to drink in the basement - that wasn’t that abnormal either, it was part of the service.

But what was special about it was the “unique energy imprint” he had.

Have you ever just met someone that you knew without a doubt was a good, kind - hearted soul?

Maybe you just feel life become peaceful and simple in their presence?

A sense of landing maybe?

It wasn’t falling in love as such. I was with someone else, but as he left, he left me with a deep sense of falling into peace that was profound and I remember thinking…

“I hope he comes back”

Three years later I’m shutting shop for the final time (now as a free woman) - he never did come back.

Now let's fast forward a couple of weeks…

It’s my first day reading Tarot a day a week in a cafe. The door swings open, something pulls my attention, and I swing my head and meet that “unique energy imprint” as he entered. I couldn’t tell if it was the same person from what my eyes landed on, but my heart and soul could.

It turns out that he didn’t quite clock it as I did!

He spoke to his friend that night about a woman he met in his friend’s cafe - a stranger he would probably never bump into again!

But he did - and not three years later but the very next Wednesday...

“Oh you work here! How?”

“I know them from the shop I used to run”

“Oh really?! What shop?”


“Oh! You ran Namaste?! I went in there for a cup of Green Tea once but the hardcore hippy dreadlock woman never put honey in it so I never went back!”

(I - the now bald headed ex dreadlocked hardcore hippy should have picked up that he had difficulty in asking for what he wants or needs - but more on this later)

“Erm that was me!”

“That was you?!”

The rest, let's say, is history baby! Why am I telling you this?

Well it's a wonderful lil love story demonstrating the current Venus retrograde in Gemini and what I believe:

“Life is a series of teasy trailers of what is to be”

My husband is a Gemini, not just any Gemini though, oh no! He has 5 planets in Gemini! I sometimes joke that I am married to 10 people!

When you first meet him you’d think he is an earthy Taurus - because a Taurus ascendent and Moon gives him such a peaceful, slow, steady, chilled, laid back side.

But when you get to know him you see a non - stop whirlwind of babbling thoughts and words, and finger tapping that never stops infusing love into things!

Anything he touches grows beautifully, in lockdown he’s grown a whole garden and allotment plus window boxes full of food!

It’s like being married to a bunch of helium balloons weighed down a big earthy solid brick!

And that’s the energy of this New Moon in Gemini!

The Gemini moon is the helium balloons wanting to fly off into freedom and get high with our bunch!

The urge to socialise with Gemini is STRONG, the need to to connect and communicate is STRONG, and now with lockdown being so long it is STRONG!

But the solid earthy Saturn retrograde supported by this Moon, and Venus Retrograde, it’s whispering in our ears…

Woah there beautiful one, don’t be so carried away by hot air and rush this opportunity to slow down.

Don't miss the gift of time to nurture your forward motion.

Soon this time will be over and you will wish you had been more present at the time.

You don’t need all those bling bling things, decadent dining dates and sparkly spa sessions!

Embrace the downtime, listen to your heart and soul stirrings.

Take the time to meet them for it’s only then you’ll see the right steps to take for your new path forward.

The mixture of which means we grow infused by love.

Earlier I eluded to how I should have heard the clue that my husband wasn’t great at asking for what he needs or wants when he didn’t ask me for the honey!

And like attracts like. Our union might sound like blissful heaven and in many ways it is, but we weren’t without our struggles.

We were two souls that had a very difficult time tuning into what we needed and wanted, two “needless wantless anti dependents” who didn’t know how to honour ourselves - to the point that we nearly had almost nothing left.

Thankfully we found the information we needed to recoup ourselves and our marriage and now the lockdown is providing us with “a second chance” to ‘reassess” what we need materially (Saturn retrograde) so that we can experience more time for love and deep connection with one and all going forward (Venus Retrograde).

“What’s for the soul won’t pass the soul second chance”.

The calling of which is likely to get louder throughout June.

But with a bit of a challenging aspect going on with Neptune, Saturn will encourage some sobering and thought - provoking question time.

What second chance are you being presented with now?

We may now be at the dramatic cliff-hanging end of one way of life, where we do not know how the external world will be and when. But we can use this time to know how we want our internal world to be.

When we hear silence and nature our “super-natural” nature returns more each day, along with our heart, our soul, our needs and wants and desires.

Do you feel the call of your soul wanting to embark on a nourishing 10 day immersion this Monday?

Here's a second chance for you...

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And in the spirit of what they do at the end of true life movies, here's the real Tiff and Rich:

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