New Moon in Capricorn - 8 Questions To Get You Going In The Right Direction

Sunday, January 14, 2018

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Hello, my little fellow :)
That's what I usually feel like saying when I see a cute little mountain goat, but lately, I've been continually butted by the little b*****!  
The survival instinct is really being aroused, however at least not in the way of my neighbour's sister who was out for a run in the Somerset woodland and actually got relentlessly chased by a stag. And I mean relentlessly. She is a great runner so she was lucky, but she had to be smart too, and use her brain and what the environment was giving her to protect herself.
Okay, now I know a stag and a goat is not the same thing, but they can both be quite threatening with those big things sticking out of their head, and if they see you as a threat to them you better beware because these animals are wary things, quick to sense danger where there is none and go on the attack. 

I've literally been attacked relentlessly by Capricorn since the Sun and Saturn moved into it the last few weeks.

Firstly I had a client that casued havoc in a group I run and took me to a dispute - I never had that before, in fact I had said to her how Capricorn's were my favourite clients because they are responsible and hard working and they don't put their stuff on others! Oh how the universe is great at going "oh so you think you have that figured out do you?!"

Secondly I was given the Auzzie flu by my friend Capricorn mum who flew over to Spain from the UK for Christmas, and it caused absolute havoc because it spread to my Husband who was over, without his medical card, so he needed to fly back early and ill. With us both being self employed and rinsed out over xmas, flat on our backs, with incredibly expensive demands going on and no sick pay, neither of us could help dig the other one out. We were forced to take a very deep look at the underlying message.

Oh yes, we certainly got what is wrecking our foundations and challenging our survival, and I know the time has come for me to come back to the UK.

In the grand scheme of things I am glad it's happened because...

it's given me crystal clear clarity on where I need to be, and with who, where my loyalties lie and what to do now to build a better foundation.

That's Capricorn for you, the purpose is to put your very survival under the spotlight, and demand that you take responsiblity, grow up, get on with it and get up to scratch.

That's why our basic survival responses and needs have been heavily under the spotlight this January and as this is the first new moon of the year and the last new Moon before the eclipse season starts on 31st with a big Blue Moon to boot, we are at the start of some  almighty BIG changes.


8 Questions The Goat Is Asking Us Right Now:

1. Where is your REAL home? 

2. Is how you spend your time productive?

3. Where do your loyalties lie?

4. Who and what should you be putting your energy into? 

5. Who and what should you stop putting your energy into?

6. What must you sacrifice to get your life on track?

7. What do you need to commit to?

8. Where's the waste and the rot in your foundation?

9. What behaviours aren't serving you? 

10. What's your game plan?

With Capricorn demanding we wake up to reality to we may well be feeling in an armlock with the universe, forced to turn round, face the matter at hand and make whatever changes are necessary.
With Capricorn, we often think more along the lines of worldly ambitions, career and the like but that can only happen when our foundations are in order and as this New Moon is linked to the home star Hestia it's time to focus on making sure our foundations are in the right place.

This Moon is conjunct Venus too, what matters to us the most, that's what we are being brought attention to, we might have a few wake up calls in this area to make sure we are really getting the message because a square to Uranus and Mars aspects are also in the mix. This can be a bit unsettling, to say the least, but Jupiter is making some great aspects to Mars and Pluto which tell us if we don't get caught in our fears, but keep our attention on what we want instead we will be on the right track for achieving our dreams.
I'm wishing you well with your belief in yourself, that you can make them a reality.
I'm wishing for you the most magnificent changes this year that put you right on track.
I'm wishing you well for your dreams...
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