New Moon in Aries - The Silver Lining of The "C" Word

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

New Moon in Aries - The Silver Lining of The "C" Word - blog post image

On 24th March at 9:30am UK time The New Moon in Aries strikes!

The Aries New Moon is the first Moon of the year to bring down the spark of divine new life, sounds great eh?

Well, with all things new there is great change, and although change in itself is divine it has its “challenges”

There are quite a few “challenges” and “changes” going on right now hence the title of this blog being the "C" word.

And not just because of challenges and changes, but other “C” words too, like “Corona” “Cancer” “Crisis” all on the rise.

It all seems a bit more than “Cr***y” or even “C****y” now I don’tto swear often but sometimes only these words cut the mustard, and this is a "C" word time.

So, what’s the bigger picture here?

New Years day I was struck by the force of a channelled message from the archetype of The Emperor.

He spoke about the need to be in line karmically before we create ANYTHING this year, his year you can see the message here.

The Emperor (number 4 in the Tarot) is in charge this year (2+0+2+0=4) and at the height of his reign right now because he is Ares /Aries.

But the problem is the world is pretty out of alignment these days. And so what do you think The Emperor will do to anything that can’t obey? Yup, another “C’ word - Cull.

In Tarot there are birth card pairs, paired up through numerology.

Like The High Priestess (2) and Justice (11: 1 +1 = 2) - sharing the common theme of seeing between the lines (2018)

Or The Empress (3) and The Hanged Man (12: 1 +2 = 3) - sharing the common of needing to let go in order to create new life. (2019)

With The Emperor (4) and Death (13: 1+3= 4) - we see the need to destroy before we can create.

The Emperor rides in and destroys the old cities, kingdoms, and communities, especially those that won’t “convert” or go with the “changes”

But that is only half the picture - the first half. People said they had a great feeling about 2020. I didn’t. I did about 2019 and it was one of the best years of my life.

I felt pure unease about 2020.

I know how awesome The Emperor can be, and he won't suffer fools gladly.

The Emperor (Aries) “channels” the divine spark from “Christ” and acts.

He is exactly what we need, but not what we always want.

Who wants to have their own mortality staring at them in the face? The rising threat and reality of our loved ones, ourselves included is not subtle.

So what is the bigger picture here?

I am writing this on St Patrick’s day, which for me is more about the rainbow.

🌈 as a symbol of transitioning from an old world to a new one.

St Patrick’s day is the day my daughter made her journey across the rainbow bridge.

St Patrick’s day for me is St Lauren’s day. Lauren was/is a Saint.

She was a Saint to come here and go through what she went through in order to leave profound ongoing healing behind. She taught me the life changing and healing power of unexpected crisis, death and grief.

She is the rainbow, Sagittarius, Temperance in the Tarot.

The Goddess of the rainbow who crosses the souls of the newly departed over.

2011 was the last year Temperance was my year card (we have personal year cards too - go here to see yours) and she came through with a channelled message about how many souls were still trying to cross over from the world wars.

This story is in my second book “ The Transformational Truth of YOU!”

She asked me to gather people together virtually and at St Michaels mount to do a meditation building the rainbow bridge that goes around the world from St Michael’s Mount to Uluru.

So that’s what I did.

This year for me is the next Temperance year and I embodied her purpose in February when I became Temperance for my mother in law's passing (Temperance was my card for the day then too).

“Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow 🌈 appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.”

It’s not like me to quote the bible, or take it literally word for word, and maybe it’s not the clouds in the sky or the floods this time and I don’t believe that humans will be destroyed, at least not yet.

At least, this is the opportunity in the danger right now, a crisis contains both.

Quite literally, the Chinese Kanji is made from two characters, one for danger and one for opportunity.

Capitalism is getting it’s comeuppance from the very archetype that is seen as the Capitalist of all Capitalists. The Crown of all Crowns. The King of Kings.

The Emperor ( Whilst we are looking at languages Corona is also Spanish for Crown).

Personally I am happy no—one wants to shake hands anymore and I that even the royal family are doing “Namaste” 🙏and bowing 🙇That’s a sign of the power of these humbling times. 🙇

It’s the divine King who has the real power and we are being made aware of what’s really important in life and being put back in line.

It’s the Tower in the Tarot, based on the fable of The Tower of Babel.

Zeus (God/ The Emperor) struck the “Crown” of the Tower with lightning because Man needed humbling.

The result being we were all scattered to the ends of the Earth speaking different languages.

The difference this time is that the pandemic rather than epidemic is causing us to feel connected throughout the entire world rather than scattered even though we are self isolating.

The word “compassion” is a “C’ word too and I am seeing more of it spreading across the “Counties” and the “Countries” than I may have ever seen in my entire lifetime.

We are all being threatened by the same thing “Contamination” And even though we are self isolating, in these times fortunately we are “Connected” to the entire world from our “Comfy Couches”.

And so this Aries New Moon heralds the “Coronation” or “Coro -nation” of the “Crown”. The Emperor rides in on Hades white horse of Death but oh my what a humbling experience of saving grace to witness.

This is WHY I love The Emperor. He is not evil, nor is death, or the devil, they are ALL messengers of the divine.

Yes even Mr Satan, here to unleash a penance to cleanse the soul! “Lucifer” means lightbringer.

And although all of these archetypes have you shaking in your boots, they are all blessings in disguise.

This Aries Emperor New Moon is conjunct Lilith, and Chiron and squaring the North and South Nodes, these are the ONLY major aspects it is making, and if you know astrology you’ll know this makes it EXTREMELY Karmic.

Karma is not a C word but for the purpose of this blog should be :)

Lilith, Chiron and the Nodes are the most karmic influences you can have in Astrology.

The fact they are all hanging out in the same part of the sky shows an almighty gathering of the “Karmic Council.”

The Moon is Squaring (challenging) the South Node (indicates workings of past karma) in Capricorn (Patriarchal capitalism) and the North node (future of evolution) in Cancer (the home, matriarch, mother and family).

Couple that with the Moon conjuncting Chiron (the wounded healer) and Lilith (the wild repressed feminine exiled from her rightful place) symbolised by the scythe and need I explain anymore?

I will just add that Pluto has been in Capricorn since the Northern Rock crisis in 2009, and it leaves in 2024, it takes a long time to restructure, and if we can’t do it ourselves the divine will find a way to rebalance, we are in the big guns finale now.

This is the divine well and truly at work, we’ve been praying for it for long enough.

I hope this has helped you see that there is more need to fear no change than change.

What I am loving about the C word is the incredible humility, healing and rebalancing that is happening because of it.

So when I got a request to send healing somewhere this morning I felt already that I am, it was just easy for more to pour forth.

I was asked to send healing to someone I never met by someone I met over a decade ago when they had their first reading with me. In that reading it came through for my client to connect with this person, and what developed from there was profound.

It is this client who contacted me this morning to say the person I never met but connected her to is in a critical state in ICU after her house caught fire and a mutual friend of theirs did not make it.

Another shock in the past month - what with my Mother in Law's sudden stroke and passing, the corona virus and now this.

We are in an Emperor year (number 4) and the card paired worn the Emperor is Death ( number 13 1+3=4)

The Emperor culls first - and as he rages war the rationing and being isolated in “4” walls happens.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather have this type of war.

One that causes blue skies in China and blue canals in Venice with fish, dolphins to come back in days.

One that causes communities to come together and the national trust to let us have free access to the land.

One where people are being protected from becoming homeless and the governments are looking at how to support us to live rather than slave.

One where consumerist greed and overconsumption stops.

One where children are happy because homeschooling doesn’t mean being bullied by others, be it children or adults to harden up.

Families being at home together because the men aren’t at war.

Now is a potent time where love and hope for ourselves, for each other and for the planet 🌍 can really happen...

IF we don’t go back to the old system when the new world begins 🙏💖✨

The Emperor is a fast worker, he is intense, he gets in there, gets the job done, and builds a new world fast.

Pluto is much slower and still has "4" years to go, but the intensity of The Emperor's destruction is what we experience in the first part of his reign for reformation.

If it’s still like this in the second half of the year i’d be surprised.

The most important thing is that we take these current lessons into our hearts to cross the bridge into the new world.

We must learn our lessons, they come around harder each time, nature will be fine, humans are running out of it.

I have made a free 7 day course to help you feel and stay connected to your divine power,

In those 7 days I will introduce to you the powerful archetypes of The Magician and The Emperor and they will teach you how to work with your mind, emotions, and intuition so you are no longer coming from fear or misalignment, but creating your new world from aligned inspiration.

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