Full Moon in TauruS - S is for Stubborn!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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Welcome to the Full Moon in Taurus on 24th October 2018 @ 5:45 pm BST.

Astrologers are talking mainly of the trine that this Moon is making with Saturn (it's saving grace) and not of the Grand Cross it is making. I believe this is because the Grand Cross is made with the Nodes and Nodes aren't always counted, but, I'm going to count them because - well, they count!  The Moon's Nodal Axis is the Axis of soul evolution.

What are we on this planet for if it isn't that?
It's like they are invisible points in space and time that are kind of there and kind of not there, hence their illusiveness also in the chart, attention is not always drawn to them - right down to the South Node not even being drawn in a chart - if you are in the know then you'll know it's always opposite the North Node. But if you aren't in the know, well you won't know!
The North Node represents your evolutionary path, whilst your South Node represents where you have been before.It's karmic, baby, the stuff past lives are made of. Another name for the North and South Nodes is...
The Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail...



The North Node being The Dragon's Head and The South Node being the tail...

So head where we are heading and tail for things to excrete, to get rid of, though not necessarily easy because like a tail it seems to be attached to us.

For instance, my South Node is in Aries and my North Node in Libra. I get crazy attracted to Aries types in my life, it's never been a relationship thing but my strongest most connected deepest friendships have been with Aries, they ignite something in me, it's intense, it's fab and then it blows up! 

Whereas two of my longest romantic relationships were with Libras, but since marrying my Gemini husband I haven't had much contact with Librans. Well, until recently, when the Aries friendships have blown up once more and Librans have been standing at the door, talking to me about my fire and how I need to learn to tone it down a little!


In fact, it's been playing out in a triple friendship.

There's me with an Aries and a Libra, so fascinating being in a trio with your soul's past and future! It's definitely a big expanse to try and fill! In fact, it's an impossible expanse, so I gave up trying and let the universe do its thing. 
That was pretty interesting, as it is when we stop trying and start watching, there have been no "blowups" with this  particular Aries (yet!), in fact, the universe pretty much put her out of equation due to health, it was like the action of my fiery past self had to be disabled, and as that happened my Libra future self (the one of grace and diplomacy) could be activated.
Now the connection with my diplomatic future self-has grown into something incredibly powerful, supportive and connected, it feels amazing, I can feel the grace being breathed into me and a new lesson of how to navigate the fire and moderate it with kindness and compassion. 

Which brings me to what I believe is the learning in this Full Moon.

Let me explain.

A grand cross is when at least four planets (nodes are not planets so I think that's why they haven't really been traditionally included - they are axis points) are at right angles from each other making oppositions and squares, the big red angry aspects - it looks like a big red cross through an astrology cross.
What do you think of when you see a big red cross?
Emergency! Crisis! Danger! Don't go there!


But we have no choice but to go there, the clock will strike "Grand Cross".

The lesson for our evolution is to make sure we don't get "Grand Cross". The universe isn't playing with us, it's showing us something. With the nodes in play, it's showing us something crucial for our soul evolution.

So we've spoken about the first opposition with the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius, causing the first push me- pull you of the comfort zone of the South Node and the scary call of the North Node because it's different and unknown wild call of the future of your soul - that causes the first big red line - the vertical one.

Now for the big red line that happens every Full Moon - the opposition of the Sun and the Moon - which causes the tension between what's been building up to the surface and the unconscious becoming conscious, but usually in an unconscious way.
This time due to The Moon being in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio, which is at a square to Leo and Aquarius, thus providing the horizontal big red line in the sky that makes a grand cross with Taurus and Scorpio.
Yup! Just to top it off! This Grand Cross is in the fixed signs!

Just how stubborn can you be?

Just how stubborn can others be?

Prepare to be shown!


Once upon a time my husband asked me why it didn't work with my Libran ex ...

I said it was because he was stubborn - my husband said "you are stubborn!" and I said "exactly!"

I remember exclaiming to my ex about how infuriatingly stubborn he was - he said "Tiffany, no -one thinks I am stubborn apart from you!"
 I said "no -one else lived and ran a business with you for six years!"

Thing is my husband is stubborn too :) Looking at both of them you'd think they were the least stubborn men on the planet - but they have their sticking points, and we all do.

Some of us might own it as a plaster stuck on our headstrong foreheads and others, well they don't make a song or dance about it.
They are what is known as quietly stubborn.

They are what I might refer to as "closet stubborn!"

Closet Stubbornists enrage Headstrong Stubbornists because they just don't get it. They just carry on being themselves whilst smiling at you sweetly, it's confusing, it tests any values Headstrong Stubborns have about truth and it's deeply triggering - I expect Headstrong Stubbornists are just as triggering for closets - I just can't see how being a headstrong one!
I'd proclaim to people about the stubbornness of my men and I wouldn't get an ounce of sympathy, more like a scoff, can you imagine? A headstrong stubborn trying to out a closet stubborn to someone

Though not for me! It was such a deeply enraging experience where the frustration would have steam coming out of my ears!

This is where the clash of the Grand Cross comes in this Full Moon in Taurus - in the sign most known for being the most stubborn, yup the deeply enraging infuriating stubbornness of the bull!

If it doesn't wanna do it, it ain't gonna do it.

Not unless you can enrage it somehow - not sure that's a good plan though, I guess you gotta be past caring being careful what you wish for, because, then it will see red, the Grand Cross like the red flag that's being waved in front of it, a sudden flash of devastating temper, and what with Uranus in the bulls sign at the moment this is a very likely manifestation.

With the Nodes and Uranus also being retrograde, along with Venus also in Taurus also retrograde...
Past lessons are playing out strong and it's time to make a change.


Uranus can help us break out and do something out of character.

The saving grace of this Full Moon is that Uranus is making a trine to Saturn, signifying that deeply entrenched habits can be broken and for the long term :) 

We can make a change this Full Moon, break away from old patterns and actually lay some long lasting foundations for a better future, one that means we no longer self-destruct from stubbornness in an unconscious manner because we can see and identify our sticking points and consciously choose whether to become unstuck or not.
The Tarot card for this decan is The Five of Pentacles, but the card for this Full Moon is The Six of Pentacles, I think we are actually playing out a story of stubbornness here from the fourth, through the fifth to the six of Pentacle.

A picture says a thousand words so I'll shut up now and let the picture say it all.

Well, nearly! 

I do have one last thing to say in my headstrong stubborn way :) and that is if you want to come on in from the cold and enter the castle rather than shut yourself out of it then you can, all you have to do is click below to open the door...

Click here to open your castle door!

It's an invite to come into a castle for free - in Cornwall! Where there is white sand and blue sea and cream tea! It might mean a trek, but there is no better place for a getaway and if you really feel the call you'll come - and if not I'll just wave a red flag :)

Tiffany x



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