Full Moon in Scorpio 30/4/18 01:58 BST - Don't Worry Be Puggy :)

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Full Moon in Scorpio 30/4/18 01:58 BST - Don't Worry Be Puggy :) - blog post image

The Full Moon in Scorpio takes us deeper into ourselves perhaps more than any other Full Moon has the power too.

Scorpio is the old soul, the one that has lived through many traumas, it is ancient, and it wasn’t born with a silver spoon in its mouth, but a poison in its tail, signified by the Scorpion which can live anything up to 25 years.

Trained to be hyper-alert to danger, intuitive, psychic and scarily sexy and spooky, it oozes power, temptation, irresistable mystery, darkness, and destruction. Think Jim Morrison whose Midheaven (public persona) was Scorpio.

More powerful than the bee, it lives on if it stings you, plus if you grab it by its stinger (not recommended) it can leave it in your hand (along with it’s anus) and scarper to freedom!

A cousin of the spider, the eight-legged Scorpion scuttles to hide in dark places and brings so much fear as at runs either towards you or even away from you - just laying eyes on one can leave you frozen. 

Yes Scorpio can feel obsessive and toxic, it repels you and compels you all at the same time, you can’t take your eye of that Scorpion because you just don’t know what it will do, but you fear it can and will destroy you.

Scorpio digs deep down within, right down into the well of our history taking us right back to those past patterns, to the bones our ancestors, our bloodline, our DNA, it’s poison flushing out the toxic traumas that lay dormant within our cracks, making us think that maybe we weren’t as healed as we thought, particularly when we add the magnifying drama of a Full Moon - we could easily feel cracked - all over again.

Everything can feel so much more than it is during this process, like we are falling apart, but all it is is a detox of the deepest darkest depths of the soul, those of you who have done a detox will know that you feel terrible before you feel amazing.

Use this Scorpio Full Moon to bring to light all those past, obsessive and toxic ways of being, and to transform.

The Tarot card for Scorpio is Death - in some packs Death is called Transformation. It draws out the skeletons from the closet and demands it’s time to let go of them, for they inhibit your life, rather than bring you life. 

Before Scorpio was represented by the Scorpion, it was represented by the Eagle who also represents the scariest and powerful Father God of all time Zeus, who often struck with the fiery red vengeful planet of Scorpio's ruler (Mars).

Scorpio is also linked to the Mother being from the Spider family and speaks so much of our origins and lasting legacies, but my favourite is to see it as the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Whenever I have had real contact with a Scorpio/n it’s always been a deep purge.

My estranged and now deceased Father was a Scorpio, dark and mysterious was his middle name, a private eye who disappeared from my life in its infancy - leaving me  to find my own way to survive, and in my later life, having to find a way to take off the armour and be okay with being vulnerable, as there comes a time when life is good, and to sting what’s good out of protection default mode ain’t gonna serve ya!

Once upon a time, I had an incredibly deep, fated, ancient, timeless obsessive and compulsive connection with someone whose birth chart was practically half Scorpio - this happened at the time my bloodline father died and kicked off realization after realization of how my problem was down to some very deeply ingrained codependent ways of being. That was ly up there with one of the most, if not THEE MOST insightful journey into my soul.

The excavation and detox went on for years and left me so much wiser for it.

In November 2016 (Sun in Scorpio) I went to India - on a juice detox, and it just so happens I’ve been detoxing this week.

I don’t think Oh! It’s Scorpio! Time for a cleanse! It’s just what naturally occurs whenever this energy is around me. In India I saw a big black Scorpion just strolling around the inner walls of the juice bar I was sat in with my friend. We froze and it did nothing to us as it reached our table - it just went on its way, and then the waiter started walking down the stairs just where the Scorpion had reached, so we warned him.

The waiter got a newspaper and started flipping the Scorpion away with it - but now the Scorpion was vexed and running towards him - but the waiter managed to flip it over the wall. We heard a smack as it landed over the edge - it broke in half.

I felt sorry for that Scorpion, just minding its own business but just happening to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, then out of fear it tried to protect itself, just as we were doing.

It reminds me, that pain is only inflicted when we are in fear, watch how you react to fear because Scorpio can make you feel incredibly vulnerable too, the trick is to stay soft with it, not harden or try to control.

For instance. Three people in The Creation Catalyst we’ve been doing over in my facebook group this week accidentally posted their daily innermost thoughts on their personal page. This has happened to my students in The Transformational Truth of Tarot too.

At first people are usually really uncomfortable and thrown into sheer panic at sharing their deepest innermost thoughts with the world, then by the end, if others also followed suit and accidentally posted on their wall it was no biggie - because they’d seen the bigger picture play out from those that went before.

Like one of my students said...

“Posting my soul on my wall was the best thing that ever happened to me. The earth didn’t swallow me up, no-one shamed me, no-one abused me, the things I feared didn’t happen - and now I am much more of an open person as a result”

Another said “ some of the things I feared did happen, and that’s been positive too! I feel so much freer as a result.”

Another, who had a meltdown and almost panic attack when she realised it had been up there for a while ended up with business from it.

Visibility brings vulnerability, and vulnerability brings strength (not weakness like might think) and connection.

As my business is practically run on Facebook groups I see this practically every day, it’s the posts where people have dared to be vulnerable that are the most connected and supported.

 “ Vulnerability is the last thing we want to see in ourselves and the first thing we want to see in an other." - Brene Brown

So on that note, seeming 7 is the mysterious and magical number, below are 7 Questions to help you know you've got this as you rise from the ashes...

1. What are you fearing right now that it’s time to transform?

2. Who can you see from your past that only hurt you because they were in fear? Can you practice understanding, forgiving and releasing? (but not forgetting - a Scorpio/n never forgets).

3. What obsessions are making your life toxic?

4. What bad habits are making your life toxic?

5. Where are you stuck in control?

6. Where in your life is it time to be vulnerable rather than reacting from the default protection mode of fear?

7. Have you already made any moves to cleanse your life or past? If so what? And what can you do next? If not, where is your life calling for a purge and what can you put in action right now to get that amazing deep clean going on? You’ll feel amazing afterwards ?

And to end, if you are a person who tends to procrastinate,and people please then never fear, because on Saturday I have my “don’t worry, be puggy!” free live Masterclass for you on how to stop that!

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