Full Moon in Gemini - Friday 23rd November 2018 - The Cutting Moon of Vulnerability: 5 Whys and 6 Rites.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Full Moon in Gemini - Friday 23rd November 2018 - The Cutting Moon of Vulnerability: 5 Whys and 6 Rites. - blog post image

If you are looking for love externally this Full Moon week you are going to feel the smack and the lack. This Gemini Full Moon is biting. There’s a lot of hot steamy stuff bubbling over right now!

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Venus just turned direct in Libra we are on the warpath for our values and probably forgetting that not everyone has the same ones.

2. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius tactless careless flippant remarks fly out of control as not everyone has the same sense of humour - in fact, hardly anyone is feeling funny right now - at least in the ha-ha sense.

3. This Moon is squaring Mars in passive-aggressive Pisces - but as Full Moon’s bring it up in your face those sensitives among us are likely to feel the full force of what people really feel but aren’t saying.

4. This Moon being at the 1st degree of Gemini activates and projects the shadow big time - no-one is owning their shit and everyone is losing it. The demons are being let loose into the light.

5. This Moon is opposing Jupiter - if this was a meme it would be of someone blowing things right up out of proportion and diving into reckless self-defeatest behaviour and hedonism.

Eek! Full Moon’s are a recipe for reckless disaster and behaviour but I am not sure I have ever seen something quite like this one!



It's risky and I'm feeling the need to hide under the duvet!

For me to say that is quite rare, I’m usually a getup and get on with it kind of girl because life doesn’t stop and you’ll learn things along the way that you wouldn’t all wrapped up in your togs, but I’m reaching for the cotton wool!

There’s a lot of truth-telling with this Moon:

Things are blurted out from a place that’s not owned relationships could descend into a hot sticky bubbling mess, the feelings are sore and raw, and what you can usually take on a day to day level is not likely to be the same right now and hey ho, the universe just piled a whole heap more where that came from!


Venus has just gone direct - It’s time to look for love in the RIGHT places.

There’s great strength in vulnerability, it’s an opening of the heart and an increase in our ability to empathize and it’s a reality check of who, what and where you are putting your energy into.

 And like anything the more a strength is overdone the more it becomes a weakness, so if you carry on doing things that make you feel vulnerable things aren’t going to end well. 

At the moment the stakes are so high you probably aren’t going to be that well equipped to say how you feel, but the energy of this Moon is so triggering it’s likely to all come out anyway. If you find yourself in environments with people in your life that haven’t yet earned your vulnerability, it’s going to sting but you’ll get to see if they pass the test.

At the moment the vulnerability stakes are SO high that no matter how many tools we have at our disposal they are very likely to be disposed of.

Even this famous and incredibly helpful line “When this happened the story I told myself was this…. ” from the great shame researcher Dr Brene Brown still doesn’t hold enough weight for things not to fly off the handle during this phase. So what to do instead?

Kindness is the best antidote for this Moon - this is a cruel, cruel moon, we aren’t being supported to be kind, we have dig down and find our own source of kindness within for ourselves and those life brings us into contact with.


1. Reality: Know that people are where they are - take off the rose-tinted glasses, help them off the pedestal you put them on, and let them be. 

2. Boundaries: If your boundaries have been violated then take that experience and learn from it for the future, what proactive action can you set up in your life for that not to happen again?

3. Trust: Don’t trust anyone completely, no-one can be your everything. Know which people are able to serve which part of you and what they can’t be for you and don’t expect anything more.

4. Lie Low: Its okay to not be visible or not to go at things at 100 miles an hour, if you are feeling fragile, then there’s an important message to listen to.

5. Give yourself love: Know where you feel loved and plug into that source, that also means self-love, eating well, sleeping well, and not giving into the self-destructive obsessive, compulsive, addictive behaviour that has such a strong pull this Full Moon and if you do forgive yourself and start again, just for today.

6. Compassion: Go gently on yourself, go gently on others, allow this moon to open up your heart, acknowledge your pain, your sore rawness, lie low and look after yourself, and if anyone opens up to you, pour a huge dollop of love on them - ESPECIALLY if they’ve triggered you!

The Tarot card for this Full Moon is The Eight of Swords. Also known as the Lord of Bondage you might feel tied, bound, gagged, blindfolded and left out in the cold, expelled and exiled, but it is here you will find the real source of love. Swords in the Tarot have a difficult reputation and it’s easy to see why.

The Three of Swords piercing through a heart, The Nine of Swords looking like they are piercing right through a person (they aren’t really) and The Ten of Swords actually piercing a person, pinning them right through to the ground doesn’t actually conjure up the best feelings in the world.

Swords are cold, sharp, and reflect the light right back at you to a point it can blind you.It’s certainly not the best time to feel the love, but it is the best time for something, so what is that something?

Think of all the epic Sword fighting films, they captivate why?

Because the hero in those films is a warrior, that has gone through many a hardship and gets back up again, Sword films tend to depict honour, bravery, integrity, morals, inspiration, truth, intelligence, determination, resilience a strong faith, and heroism. 

All of these blessings are found in the journey of The Swords.

This time though, it’s time to take some time for the warrior inside of you and make sure there’s some compassion in your truth, for yourself and others or it’s going to get very brutal out there.

This Friday 23rd November (the day of this Full Moon):

I will be taking a group of warriors on the path of blending truth with compassion on a 10-day journey through The Swords called “The Authenticity Activation”

Do you wish to join us?

The first 7 days are free - which is enough for you to see if it's helping you cut away the lord of bondage:

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