Fatal or Fated? Your Survival Guide To Libra New Moon and Venus Retrograde.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Fatal or Fated? Your Survival Guide To Libra New Moon and Venus Retrograde. - blog post image

This month we plunge into the heart of archetypal meaning as Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio on 6th of October just three days before the New Moon in Libra on 9th October @ 04:46 am.

Venus the goddess of love, war, values, and abundance (Justice in the Tarot) has a dark side and a light side, she is both the evening star and the morning star, and she goes retrograde once every 19 months for 40 days and 40 nights, this passage - (known in Biblical terms as when Jesus is cast into the desert with Satan) is where she transforms from the evening star into the morning star.
She does this by going into the descent and through the darkness of the underworld - not around it. It doesn't work like that! 
To become the light morning star, Venus has to face her darkness...


Now couple this with Venus's descent being in Scorpio/Hades/Death/Pluto.

This truly is the story of Innana the Sumerian Goddess version of Libra, and her descent into the underworld, where she gets betrayed by her nearest and dearest, stripped bare and hung on a hook, it's only then that she is revived with a truth and a strength within that alluded her in her rather superficial life beforehand.

Next, let's look at this New Moon in Libra...

Surprise surprise, it's squaring Pluto! (Scorpio/Hades/Death).

People often think of Libra's as light and fluffy people pleasers, but they are anything but! They might not confront you with what they think, but they won't think twice about cutting you out of their life just like that - and this square in Pluto brings this to a likely possibility.

Moon in Libra squaring Pluto in Scorpio brings forth the dark side of love, narcissism and obsession to the point of being engulfed, it's a very deep and karmic aspect just on its own, let alone coupled with Venus, being retrograde. Get ready for past lives or loves to rise up from the shadows.

Let's start with Moon square Pluto...

I know this aspect well because I have it in my chart.

It's the aspect of the dark mother, the traumatized mother, deep heartbreak, trauma and loss, abandonment, obsession, addiction, the grieving lover, mother and child. It's the mother of all craving moons!
- Through my childhood, it masqueraded as abandonment from the father, and issues between myself and my mother.


- Through my teenage maiden years, boys ran a mile because of my addictive and obsessive personality that threatened to engulf them as it had me - to the point of nearly killing me.


- And at twenty when I entered motherhood for the first time, my daughter lived only 4 months.

Since then no more biological children have graced my path.

And I'm okay with that.

At twenty-nine, my stepdaughter entered my life, but it's only now at forty one that we have managed to come out of the underworld and turn into the morning star. Yes, we spent a good twelve years down there! It was prolonged by not facing that the family had to break to heal, so when the mid-life crisis hit, the reality hit, and the break happened.

And now two years on?

Now I'm over the hill I am pleased to say I have found how to parent my emotionally starved inner child and I no longer lose myself in addictions or obsessive thoughts, (well apart from food - still got that one to go), and like Innana I have reunited with my loved ones, husband, mother, stepdaughter in harmony, and all because w e no longer fought the underworld, we accepted that what had happened, had happened.
And in that, we found our truth and strength. 


Venus Retrograde - 

Twice in my life, I have met someone that instantly shot me through the heart with Cupid's arrow, making me see stars and bringing with it a whole heap of overpowering long-forgotten distant memories, from centuries gone by. Both times Venus was retrograde. Did I end up with either?

Do I feel I was meant to?


Was the connection intensely and insanely powerful unconventional and confusing for both parties?


Were past lives remembered?

On my side yes, it's what led me to train in past life regression - I didn't believe in reincarnation before.

Common thoughts and feelings kicked off by Venus Retrograde:

What is this attraction? When I look at them I don't feel attracted, they aren't my type, I am happy with my partner, I feel like I know them, they feel like my soul mate, is it a past life connection?


And intensified by the Scorpio aspect this time:

I'm obsessed, is this toxic? Is it a past life connection? I don't feel safe (this one could be very strong this time with the Scorpio aspect), are they a narcissist? Am I a narcissist? Is this love or lust? I feel like I am going crazy. I feel like I can't live without them.


On Halloween... 

Venus retrogrades out of Scorpio (death) back into Libra (duality and the two world), which to me marks the descent of Persephone - the Greek Maiden Goddess child of Demeter who was abducted by Hades/Death/Pluto and taken down to the underworld, until the grieving mother Demeter struck a deal with Hades that allowed Persephone (The High Priestess in the Tarot) to ascend for half the year, meaning she had to find her balance in the two worlds, very Halloween!


So if it sounds intense, it's because it is! 

And that's why I have opened up my calendar this month with a limited number of free sessions to help you have a survival plan that's uniquely tailored to you and your situation.


To be in with a chance of receiving a free Isolation To Intimacy Session apply below:

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Wishing you well this New Moon, 

Tiffany x



Tarot: The Four of Swords

Gosh, Aries!

I'm seeing you in some kind of enforced rest here, I say enforced because surely you wouldn't choose to retreat for yourself would you?

Well, if you are feeling the need for retreat and honouring it then good for you! We all need a little time alone to reflect and get clear on what our own wants, needs and desires are, and this Venus Retrograde and New Moon in your opposite sign does seem to be sending you the time and space to review.
Take your time Aries, if you can!
You are being given it.
Try not to pack it in with every little distraction you can think of if you can bare this passage you will find it hugely valuable for both your finances and relationships.

MANTRA: Even lovers need a holiday, far away from the ones that they love, I give myself permission to retreat, reflect and review.



Tarot: The World


Wow , Taurus!


The World does not seem to come up that often in the ATM, so whatever you are doing, keep on doing it! Even if it doesn't feel like you should yet!

I say that because The World is ruled by Saturn - the hard taskmaster, which is why it also rules The Devil card, but the fact it's come up for you as The World shows that the hard work is so nearly there, don't fall at the finish line, it's just around the corner!

Interestingly enough I nearly wrote "it's just around the karma" and what with The World being the most successful card in the Tarot it does indeed mean shedding a whole load of karma, it's time to finally reach the end of a pivotal point in your life, get ready for life to never be the same again - in a good way :)

MANTRA: I have the stamina to stay true to what I know to be right, and do whatever it takes to see it through.




Tarot: The Lovers

Hi Gemini!


This month you have been given your own Gemini hand, The Lovers, yup The Lovers card is your card, and actually, you rule the hands too!
So what's this all about?
Hmm, I am thinking about hands in marriage and hearing - a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!
Perhaps some of you are totally clear on who and what you want, and if so then what are you beating around the bush for?!
Perhaps some of you are overwhelmed and totally confused, if that's the case then don't do anything yet, hopefully by the middle of next month you'll have all the information you need to make a decision.

MANTRA: When everything is confusing, intense and overwhelming I remember I don't have to make a decision on anything!




Tarot: The Empress

Dear Cancer,


It's lovely to see you are starting to be sitting pretty. Your home, your body, your family all seem to be finding their righteous place after a period of intense readjustment.
Your caring, compassionate and somewhat motherly nature definitely helps for this to be the case, but this time there's something different.
It no longer looks like you are forgetting yourself in the process :)
This, in turn, makes everything that much more authentic, others can feel this and respond in kind.
It's a great month for home and hearth, plus nurturing your body and your loved ones with good healthy food for your mind, body and soul.

MANTRA: I allow my gifts of caring and compassion to shine through for myself and others.



Tarot: The Magician

Hey Leo!

This month magic is in the air for you! Quite literally!
Emails, travel, networking and connection.
The world is your stage and it's time for you to own it with a confidence in your own unique craft that gives you that extra dose of something others a lacking.
Charisma! That's it!
Welcome to charisma central!
There's nothing more charismatic than confidence, and you Leo have it in buckets.
The spark this month is intense!

MANTRA: When I tap into my unique ability to conjure up confidence and courage magic happens.




Tarot: The Fool

Dear Virgo,


There are quite a few Major Arcana cards going on this month which makes it a particularly powerful and fatalistic month.

Your fellow Earth sign Taurus is hot on your heals with wrapping up existence as he knows it, but as always you are one step ahead, leading the new found way, and the thing with a new found way is that it has many bridges to cross, so just make sure there is one!

You can be a very pure and innocent soul, somewhat young at heart and maybe a touch naive, you just want to see the best in everyone and serve them well, be careful you aren't walking over the edge of a cliff because your rose-tinted glasses gave you the illusion that something was there when it wasn't.
But then again, if you fall, someone will be there to catch you.

MANTRA: I give my needs, my wants,  and my safety priority.



Tarot: The Ten of Swords

Happy birthday Libra!

Lol! I know this doesn't look like a happy birthday card whatsoever, but then we do have Venus building up to go retrograde in your sign which it enters on Halloween!
It's time to make your descent into the underworld and get clear on what are the necessary things for you to do so you may be reborn anew.
It might be a bit of an intense initiation into the new life, but you aren't as fluffy as people think you are.

No, you are a kick arse god/ dess that's got this and you know what you have to do to make sure that the future is a much bigger and brighter episode.
It's time to reclaim your power!

MANTRA: As I face the truth of what's necessary for me I grow stronger each and every day.



Tarot: The Six of Wands

Hi Scorpio!

How interesting to see such a progressive card as The Six of Wands when Venus is retrograde in your sign all month.

If there is ever a message about needing to make sure we give time to review in order to go forth to victory I think this is it!

Venus retrograde in your sign means you more than any other sign this month will be reviewing your commitments, both financially and emotionally.
Some deep soul-searching is on the cards but so is the victory from taking your time to do so, quite literally, the picture says it all!
How are you spending your money? Where is it tied up? What about your time?
Most of all take some time to rediscover your values and what you stand for. You'll be glad you did.

MANTRA: I have time, time for me, time for my values, time to consider who I am with everything.



Tarot: The Eight of Wands

Hello Sagi!


Woah! No! On second thoughts don't woah horsey!
You are off to a flying start this new lunar cycle, it's fabulous and fun, and if it isn't yet then it's out there to be had, maybe you aren't getting out enough?
It's time to pack that social diary to the max!
You are so totally in your extroverted element this month Sagi, quite literally as this card is Jupiter in Sagittarius!
Ride high, aim even higher, burn bright, then burn even brighter, pack your diary with meetings, networking and events, for your world is just about to take off!
How exciting!

MANTRA: I am a Master/ess at connections and this month I own it like nobody's business!




Tarot: The Wheel of Fortune

Hi Cappy! 

With Pluto recently changing direction in your sign, it feels like you are ready to come out of hiding with a new found sense of strength in who you are and your truth.

Your intuition is particularly uncanny, and your ability to see others for who they are is magnificently fine-tuned, like a well-oiled machine!

I have seen for years how much time you put into building in the external world, but last month you had The High Priestess, a crash course in developing intuitive awareness and now you are cresting the wave that is bringing you to the golden shoreline of happy heydays.

Well done C appy, it's your life lesson to learn how to trust your intuition and you went into this with the same conviction as you would your external work.

In true C appy style, good luck is earnt!

MANTRA: Good luck is earnt, and I have earnt oodles of the stuff, I live life with a wonder of what can happen when I know I am lucky.




Tarot: The Star

Hi Aquarius,


Gosh! Lately, you seem to have been going backwards and forwards between The Star and The Tower for a while now, the quest of freedom for you is on Aquarius!
Not in the usual way where you may find yourself isolated in order to keep your freedom, but in the way where you are opening your heart to your true desires and aligning with yourself so they actually stand a chance of happening!
That actually takes some doing in itself, you are learning how to be graceful in adversity and strong in your vulnerability, you are blossoming and blooming into the epitome of who you are meant to be, and it's beautiful.
Allow your becoming, stay true to what you want for you and let the universe conspire to make it happen.

MANTRA: All I have to do is be TRULY myself, that's my aim, and when I've reached it, that's when the universe showers me with Stars.




Tarot: The High Priestess.

Dear Pisces,


Here we are seeing you in your element this month, the fish in water!
We also saw Sagittarius completely in their element, so this is a good strong month for you both, just make sure you don't have too much of a good thing!
Stay strong in your intuition, trust your vision, don't go into paranoid, doubt or hedonism!
Look after yourself well and aim to strike the right balance in all things in life, particularly spiritually, e.g look after your mind with meditation and your body with yoga and eating well for you, don't resist the strong psychic urges this Month, fear is the only thing that's an issue.
Embody them instead, in the knowingness of how you are the true Priestess instead.
MANTRA: I am different, and my strength is found in being okay with that!


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