Capricorn New Moon 13th Jan - 4 Sure Footed Steps Into The Real New Year's Day!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Capricorn New Moon 13th Jan - 4 Sure Footed Steps Into The Real New Year's Day! - blog post image

Yay welcome to January 2021 and the land of the scatterbrained slush puppy!

Christmas is cancelled coupled with a no-go new years eve, Mercury direct and a long arse lockdown in winter?

It's enough to make the biggest bestest goal setter stuck in limbo!

So forgive yourself if you feel firmly planted in the twilight zone (well as firm as the twilight zone gets)

Like “GOD” pushed pause on our existence yet the clocks still tick.

Yes, even Mercury going direct adds to it! It’s not just the retrograde, WHENEVER Mercury changes it up that it stirs the funk.

I didn’t have any tech or communication issues until 2021 slapped me round my chops with a wet fish and produced the scatter brained slush puppy…

Or is it the other way round?! Never mind! The Capricorn New Moon is here!

If there Is ever a sign to get our sure footedness back under our feet it’s this one.

So if you feel like you’ve slipped down the mountain side right now, forgive yourself.

There will be a reason, a gift in the experience.Letting go of self judgment and giving yourself a huge dollop of love and understanding will make it so much easier to hitch a ride on goat back. This first New Moon of 2020 marks the real New Years day, so if you feel the need for a second chance to begin again, congrats you got it! The first two weeks were just a rehearsal :)

The goat’s back and he's got your back!As he rides up to bleat you because this TRUE New Years Day!

Capricorn New Moon is the natural time to set your goals, a power point for getting your plan on as it blesses us with the impetus, motivation and ability to do so.


It’s tough to go from scatterbrain slush puppy to hard headed sure footed accomplished happy cappy in a flash!

So use the window between now and the new moon at 5am GMT on 13th wisely.

Cappy prepares well, so prepare yourself well.

Tie up your loose ends, clear the decks, the mental and physical clutter so when Cappy presents you with a second chance to get going - you are ready.

The goat is deadly serious, and means business, when it comes to building a new world.

Here’s just how much...

This Moon is at the same degree that Saturn and Pluto met on 12th Jan 2020 to trigger the death and birth of the world. Eek!

Now none of us escaped that one did we? Even if we did try and hide under a rock!

In fact hiding under a rock or at least a lock was our go to place to be, but I don't want to alarm you. It doesn't mean there's something else to look out for. It just means it's time to get stone cold sober about ending a way of life that no longer serves you and set yourself free.

Start afresh in creating your new world because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and the card of The World in the Tarot, the most successful card in the deck.

Showing you've completed a round on your evolutionary journey and it's time to rebirth.


So on that note here’s Cappy’s top 4 surefooted tips on getting back on solid ground:

Step 1. Clear the clutter and Tie up loose ends:

Give yourself as much permission as possible between now and the New Moon to clear that which is making you clutter brained. Tie up loose ends and focus on finishing.

Step 2.  Review your 2020:

This Moon is a major integration point of all we experienced last year and with 2020 the way it was, now, more than ever we need to reflect.

How much we have grown, changed and matured through the things we’ve had to face the last 12 months, who and where we are now and our priorities moving forward.

It’s a lot, and important. If you’d like some help my Old and New Year Ritual Mini Course will take you through a strong step by step process to come to peace with 2020 and co- create 2021 in alignment with the universe- it's available here.

Step 3 Review your values.

Make sure your decisions come from your revised values. As intuitives it's easy to get stuck in old values, or even others values, if you do it’s not going to serve you or others. If you know this is you, this specific values exercise made to help intuitives for free here

Step 4 Make a plan.

If you’ve felt knocked for six take this time for you to get anchored.  It still might feel like trying to get your anchor down in a storm as the cosmic weather is restlessness but you can do it! If you want help My Manifest a Miracle a Month 12 Month Tracker can help you - it’s made especially for the intuitive that finds it hard to plan, see here.

No matter what challenges come, Capricorn has the steadfast power to keep going until he reaches the top of the tallest mountain, and if he falls?

He turns into a sea goat and swims back to the shore where he reconnects with the earth again, and climbs again.

No drama, no pity, he puts his head down, and puts one foot in front of the other, until one day he’s there. This New Moon may hang high in a volatile sky but the rocky terrain gives us friction to latch onto and pull ourselves up, fostering strength, growth, maturity and development.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Lao Tzu

You’ve got this!

P.S) If you are looking forward to a real physical journey and in person connection again this year check out my AstroTarotFlamenco Goddess in Granada Retreat here.

Thought I better mention there's only 2 places left - and the earlybird (or should I say Goat) expires Friday!



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