The Biggest Brightest Full Moon of the Year is over New Year - What Does That Mean For 2018?

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Well, it's in Cancer, three things to know about Cancer? 

1. I get so emotional baby, everytime the Moon is in Cancer, hey, hey hey!

2. I just wanna hold you, and love you, all night long, but where are you?

3.  I just wanna go home, the world is too harsher place, and I just want cuddles and the duver, and  now I am crying into my cup so much that I need to drink double the daily dose of 1.5 litres, and I am so far away from home and water and it's so unfair!


Okay, I am expressing my Moon in Cancer (Yup I have it).

Let's try again shall we? 

1. It's a tad emotional.

2. It's a tad homely.

3. It's a tad self destructive.


It's also the LARGEST Supermoon of the year! Three things to know about that?

 1. A Supermoon is when the Moon comes extra close to the earth and appears extra large in the sky.

2. With this Supermoon being in it's ruling element of Cancer and also making a grand trine in water we are talking HUGE tides - emotional ones as well as well as literal ones.

3. The Sun also came incredibly close to the Earth in December, (don't worry we are all still far enough away from crashing into these giant heavenly bodies) and December was a Supermoon too, as is the next full Moon on Jan 31st - capping the three series Supermoons but with a bang:

Because it's also an eclipse, at 11 degrees of Leo.

It seems that the planets really want to get our attention, but what for exactly?

I am sure all will become clearer as the month goes on, but for now let's keep our focus on what this huge SuperMoon in the Moon's sign of Cancer on New Years Day night (kind of 2:44am GMT on 2nd) is trying to tell us...

Maybe the best way I can do this is share with you how it's playing out for me. You see, I have my Sun in Leo AND my Moon in Cancer, which means I'm feeling what's currently moving and shaking us quite acutely...


This is how...

Once upon a time in 2016, I was happy in my home in the UK, or so I thought.

But, it seemed not.

Along came the Uranus Opposition (mid-life crisis) and everything that had been festering under the surface for thirty -eight years got triggered. I got up and walked out on my home, my husband, my step-daughter and my cat <3 I spent many months wondering the planet, lost, walking pathways, hiking through the giant Redwoods on the coast of California, trying to find what I do not know, drying my eyes wherever I set my foot, from hot city tarmac, to Caribbean beaches, my heart and my gut wrenched.

My Step Daughter was so hurt she stopped speaking to me, but my husband fought hard for me, and we decided to give it ago, from a distance, it seemed like life was calling for me to settle in Spain, and that is what I did. And for sure, we needed (and maybe still need) the distance, it wasn't an easy reunion, there were lots for us to work through - and I am sure there still is.

Come August this year, I had the best birthday present when my stepdaughter did a 360 by showing me compassion and understanding and making noises about how she still wanted me in her life - and we arranged for them both to come over this Christmas - first time I had seen her in 18 months.

So what happens? We move mountains and almost go bust to get her here for Christmas and...

I get sick! Sooo sooo sick!

I am bed bound for the whole time, shivering, spiking temperature, and, well i'll spare you the rest of the gory details.

And the result?

My husband and I chat and decide that under the circumstances it's best for them to leave.

Was there a feeling of love, compassion and understanding between us all? Yes.

But what has it left me with? Totally gutted, heartbroken, feeling like what the hell am I doing here in Spain???


Welcome to the wake-up call!

What's the wake-up call you are having?

And does it feel anything like this?


The Four of Cups, is the Moon in Cancer, and a picture speaks a thousand words!

We can see here how daft he is being!

If only he reached out and took what was on offer!

Whether the wake up call you are feeling it's to do with grief, loss, abandonment, home, family, business or something else entirely, I am likely to have been there, and even if I haven't, I know I can still help ( and not just because I know what the Moon in Cancer feels like!) but because...

Often people come to me saying "I don't know what my purpose is", this is something I have never experienced -yet one of my strongest talents is helping people to discover they actually do, and sometimes in record time of 15 minutes flat.

Same goes for Geography and Maths! I'm terrible at both but put me in a place where I am channelling it and it's amazing!

Which tells me that I don't have to have been close to being in your shoes to help, but believe me I have walked well over a thousand miles in these ones (oh and without them on a burning hot coal firewalk) and if you want me to help you work out what steps to take going forward into 2018, then all you have to do is click here to get your best shoes on for the path of 2018.

Don't worry, I promise you one of them won't be to do a firewalk!

Wherever you lay your foot, has power. The kick off to this story all happened when I laid my foot on Indian Delhi Soil in May 2016 to recieve an award for empowering women all over the world, but I will let you in to a little secret, I love empowering men too :) Here's a couple of recent testimonials from a couple of men I have recently worked with:

"I recently completed Tiffany’s Transformational Truth of Tarot program. It helped me gain much insight and understanding into who I am, my hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The program is truly transformational as it has helped me find the strength and wisdom to live authentically. I recommend it to anyone ready to commit fully to developing their personal, spiritual, and professional life."

Tim Toma, President at Toma and Associates, USA. 

"Your course The Transformational Truth of Tarot and in the past three weeks Hero's journey helped me through tough periods of building. The sychronicities coincidences have been amazing thank you for providing such a wonderful platform of courage and self improvement and for bringing such a beautiful group of people together." 

Dennis Wilker, building his own retreat centre in Canada at ripe old retirement age. 

And one from a lovely lady - with permission:

"Hi Tiff,  Merry Christmas just wanted to say I have just finished lesson 17 which is about transference and counter transference amongst other things and just wanted to say well done for creating such a responsible course that I think is so helpful in so many ways. You have dealt sensitively and confidently with issues that don't even get talked about by some health professionals. I'm so glad to be on The Transformational Truth of Tarot and that you nudged me into it. See you in 2018! xx"

Fiona Maggie, Psychotherapist, London.

Whatever your challenge, whatever your sex, I bet I can help you, are you up for taking the guantlet from me?

If the answers yes then...

Click Here To Get Your 3 Steps To Success Plan

Whatever your path has ahead of you this year, I hope it is full of ease, simplicity and joy. 


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