New Moon In Aries 16th April 2018 - 4 Ways to Welcome A New World!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

New Moon In Aries 16th April 2018 - 4 Ways to Welcome A New World! - blog post image

Apparently, the other day, here in the ancient Roman city of Bath, we had an earthquake.

 Now, not one that had the Goddess Minerva Sulis quaking in her boots and crashing to the ground, thank the Gods. We are  talking about a little weather wobble that sends the English stiff upper lip trembling at something other than rain - like snow for example.

No-one was hurt, and I said "apparently" because I was totally oblivious to what was going on in the world - and that is nothing different, ever, to be honest. My husband says Armageddon could happen and I'd still be obliviously creating online courses about saving yourself and totally perplexed as to why they were being snapped up like the recent Easter hotcakes. 

However, I did see things on Facebook, from one end of Bath to another, people were posting "did you feel that?" "is it just my world rocking or yours too?" and it turned out it wasn't just them.


Looking a bit deeper it may not be as unusual as it sounds. 

Bath is a beautiful, ancient city where the Roman's built their Baths - and they did that because of the naturally warm springs found here.

Stand in the middle of Bath and all you see around is hills, all around you, beautiful glorious hills, but my god they are steep. The incline is so radical you have to put your car in 1st to get up them and there are railings to hold on to in order to get down them - no wonder snow puts us literally in a spin.


But let's look deeper still, what does this tell you about Bath's history?

Some say that Bath is built on an ancient volcanic crater. This is a rumour, and one I can't seem to get to the bottom of. Some say yes, some say no, you're hot then you're cold kind of thing.

Whether it's wrong or right, painting this picture is a great analogy of the times. 

What with Mercury (another Ancient Roman God) finally going direct in his brother's sign of the hot and steamy sign of Aries where he has been retrograding since March 22nd (but wreaking havoc since the 8th) the day before his new Moon - and this Aries New Moon being the last one where Uranus is conjuncting, before Uranus leaves Aries after the radical shaking up it's been going through there for the last seven years we have a recipe for a major shake-up of the ancient bubbling springs from the emotional bubblings of underworld being excavated.

This is not something you will feel on Monday 16th April at 02:57 am in the morning and that's it!

(Or maybe you will)!

Moreover, it's an excavation of your ancient wonderous and magical sites within, and a culmination of a seven-year-long dig. Perhaps you are now sat in a place where all you have built has come crashing down to the ground, but what it's about to reveal is a whole new world for you, one that's in beautiful alignment with the gifts within the ancient truth of your soul, one you would have never discovered the riches and magic of, had the wake ups and shake-ups have never happened. 

The New Moon is always a fantastic time for a fresh start!


And never more so than when it is in Aries - the first sign of the zodiac, honoured in spring, Aries wants what it wants and goes and gets it, it's the pure spark of divine intention and creation, the big bang, the cosmic spark. Put it to good use.

Here's How: 
1. Spring clean your place - I'm talking your pots, pans, pantry, pant drawer, basement, cupboard under the stairs, loft declutter the works, and don't underestimate how powerful this can be for digging up old repressed emotions either so...


2. Spring clean your energy - Get that energy clearing session booked in! I have had recent energy clearings by both the lovely Lara Waldman and Alexander Wenman - Lara is an Aries and Al, (her opposite sign of Libra funnily enough) and I couldn't recommend either of them highly enough, they dig deep and leave no block unturned.


3. Start something new - That project or that fitness regime, a new relationship, a new way of thinking, doing, behaving, being, whatever it is that makes you feel full of pizaz (haha my spell check wants to change that to Pizza!) No we aren't talking pizza, we are talking collective consciousness carbs, the red light has been jammed on for March, even though we have been just as busy, frustrations and delays, the feelings of getting very little back is now releasing its grip due to changing pizza to pizazz!


4. Start something old - Has something come back into your life over the last month or so? Is it different this time? If so maybe now is the time to let it ignite, applying all the wisdom you have learned during the passage of time.


Most of all, breathe deep, breath in, breathe out, welcome to a whole new world, congratulations - you made it through :)



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