Aries Full Moon - The Six Instant Bolts of Thor.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Aries Full Moon - The Six Instant Bolts of Thor. - blog post image

The Aries Full Moon strikes on September 25th 2018 3:52 am BST,

Although you have probably been feeling it from the week before.  He's powerful, that Ancient God Thor, but we always pray for clarity right? 

Many moons ago I commuted weekly from 8 miles away from Lands End all the way to Paddington Central London and back. I used to get on the train where it began and get off when it finished.

At 6 pm on a Saturday, I'd jump on fresh with excitement to be going home doing a little jig down Isambard Brunel's platform encrusted with the stylish likes of celebs like Helena Bonham Carter, I'd be tapping my ankles together in the air like Mary Poppins whilst singing "eat your heart out Paddington Bear"!
However with each hour, the journey would get more trying, as the 6 O Clock from Paddington, started to become the last train on a Saturday night in the wild west and more and more intoxicated people boarded as the night grew dark in every way.  


The time I did this on an Aries Full Moon, is one time I will never forget... 

We got kicked off the train at Plymouth, into what was a stormy, cold and wet night.
Queueing up for a replacement bus service I clocked a rather dirty looking probably homeless person with quite a manky dog for company. Uncharitably I thought - "I hope he doesn't sit next to me".
You know that type of unchristian thought that you know you've karmically manifested as soon as you thought it?
Why doesn't that happen with good thoughts?!
I've lost count of the times I have had those uncharitable thoughts on public transport and how it would without doubt manifest that very thing, it was now at the point that whenever I thought it my next thought was "oh no!"
This time was no exception to the rule.


The Aries God Thor Struck me down with his instant manifestation of karmic retribution.

On the coach he sits down next to me with a thud then promptly falls to one side (mine) and ends up passed out with his head in my crutch, his very itchy dog squashed right up against me and me rammed up against the icy cold coach window.

About an hour later the coach pulls into our linking station and miraculously he wakes up, stands up, and drops all his money and belongings. Now I am bending down, gathering his belongings wondering how one uncharitable thought had such a karmic consequence that...

I somehow feel trapped in a soul contract with this guy!


Now there's about 70 of us all crammed on a tiny Cornish station platform.

It's the last train time on a Saturday, the station is shut, and we are left with the luxury of a strip of concrete to share between us, Cornwall has a powerful dark and damp undertone, and on nights like these, it threatens to engulf you. The Aries Full Moon beats more light on us than the poor excuses for modern electric lamps on the platform. 

The Cornish folk so full of Celtic Ales and Ciders that I can't fathom how they are withstanding the brisk strong Cornish wind responsible for making the bushes grow horizontally. Howling with drunken and disorderly behaviour, their faces blood-red, they start stripping off because they are so hot (but trust me they are not - one too many ciders put paid to that) the fermented fruit in their veins making them somewhat immune to the utter misery of the situation. 

Me on the other hand, I am literally stone cold sober!


I have the mood of the Aries God of Thunder running through my veins.

I don't know why I am shivering more, because of cold, anger or the intense need to pee. Finally, the heavily delayed train arrives - if you can call it that. It was literally just one very old school carriage like something from out of the 80's. Still, it was a step in the right direction, it was sent especially for us, no-one was on it, so the loos must be clean right? Uncannily the train had already arrived plastered in vomit, and the toilets - (both), had been rendered utterly unusable. 

On the train, the Aries Full Moon behaviour was in full force.

The gabble of hardened drunken sailors whacked open EVERY window because the alcohol was making them so hot and because this train had come through some sort of time travel so it was a novelty that they could! Try as I might I could not see one other sober individual and there was no other carriage to escape to.

I was trapped in what felt like a metal bullet of very loud and very cold abuse.

I'm telling you this because the "bullet of abuse" is the power of the things the Full Moon in Aries does to you.
On the upside, I came out with stronger pelvic floor muscles, better circulation and a ton of compensation for being a lone travelling woman in a situation of no escape.
I witnessed many a thing in that time of doing that regular journey - lines of coke being snorted off the tables, derogatory sexist comments, people spoiling for fights - and as soon as I felt uncomfortable I'd get up and go and sit in first class, if the guard kicked up a fuss I'd tell him why I was doing it and they'd become gentlemen and let me - probably because they were scared to face them too.

But that Aries Full Moon was one I will never forget, hemmed in with no getaway.


The Thunder of Thor strikes a massive blow of the truth right down through your soul.

Down your veins and makes you face the music with a very clear and deafening message of what life will be like unless you take some drastic action to course correct your authenticity.

All the previous times I could escape, so I did. But this time The Aries Rath of Thor was thundering the truth through my soul, there was no escape, what on earth was I doing to myself? It was time to make some life changes. I made sure I never had to do that commute again.

So, where did I find myself last week?



Yup! Four years later I'm back on the train line commuting to London.

Six hours a day, up at 5 am and back at 8 pm. Three hours each way in rush hour, people crammed in desperation for a bit of space to breath let alone to sit - I mean I saw one man so desperate for seat that he wiped some soggy poo off of a seat with his bare hand in one literally FOWL swoop then looked at everyone's gawping faces and cracked a joke about how at least he wasn't wearing a suit.
After three days of this, my week-long train ticket didn't work anymore, it simply gave up the ghost, which mirrored my brain - the commute increased in the challenge as I literally could not get through the numerous barriers without finding a human guard - usually one per mob existed. It got inevitably longer, and at the end of the days, I seemed to be a walking shell haunting the endless sprawling underground tunnels, a lost soul doomed to eternal ups and downs of the escalators as my brain could no longer process what it needed to do to get out.

How on earth did I end up here on some corporate training or should I say draining?


I was most definitely the Bridget Jones archetype!
It was very clear to everyone that the corporate world and I was definitely no match made in heaven. As I said to one of my friends on the phone, ' I guess the universe doesn't want me in the corporate world" they seemed to find that incredibly funny as I heard something like"No shit Sherlock!" being blurted back down the phone line.


I think I realised that on the beginning of the first day when the CEO caught me coming out the men's toilet (I was desperate - for the toilet! Err spot the reoccurring theme here!) and at the end of the day I tried to lighten up a session by getting them to run around to the theme tune of Benny Hill, erm nope, cut! Seems they don't do that!

God no! Such a threat to the ego! I was face to face with the mighty Aries God Thor here!


Instead of having fun they'd get so wound up at their computers to such a point...
That their high intelligence reduced to threats made of stabbing the hard drive as if that was the solution - one person's reaction to this was one of utter terror as if they truly thought they were a computer that was about to be stabbed. I reassured them they weren't and the trainer seemed to find that incredibly funny.
But we were being treated like machines.

On the fourth day, my hard drive (and I have a VERY hard drive) literally refused to boot up. I could not compute a single thing, every cell in me was in blatant rebellion and there was nothing I could do to carry on, even if I had wanted to, there was only one day left  but I could not find an inch of ability to crawl over the finish line, I was done and along with half the group we exited.

This felt like a victory,  a mass exodus against such a toxic way of being.


Like we'd told The Devil to shove it, we were outta there!
The computers stayed though...

Thing was I had been waiting for this "opportunity" since February (the month after the first set of eclipses this year) it was like Thor's Thumb had been resting on the pause button of my life since then, but now the month after the final eclipses of this year, the message is here loud and clear.

All hail Aries!
The bold brasen courageous Hero of our soul, the divine spark of individuality.
This Full Moon brings the truth of who we are up so clear - I mean, I literally spent the week sharing a house with someone called Clair (the translation of which is clear)
It's time to see really clearly who we are and find the courage to live it.


The Aries God of Thunder shows you:

1. Your instant manifestations.
2. Your instant karma.
3. Where you are not treating yourself well enough.
4. What action to take to course correct.
5. Just how unique you are.
6. Just how bold and courageous you can be.

Aries is all about the INDIVIDUAL.

Thor will hammer down your door BOOMING at you to find the courage to stand up in your own individual truth.
Just how much do you have to go through before you get it?

NOW is the time, use Thor's force to catapult you on to your own unique path with more power than ever before, there is no one size fits all.

Need some help?

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No cramped conditions that are way below the belt quite literally, I promise.

Only a journey to your freedom.

It's time to take action to become the bold brass hero of you.

It's time to find your freedom.

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Warmest wishes, 

Tiffany x


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