9 Naughty Natal Niggles of the Virgo Super Full Moon on March 9th!

Saturday, March 07, 2020

9 Naughty Natal Niggles of the Virgo Super Full Moon on March 9th! - blog post image

The 9 Naughty Natal Niggles of the Virgo Super Full Moon strikes: 

  • Los Angeles – March 9, 9:47 am
  • New York – March 9, 12:47 pm
  • London – March 9, 5:47 pm
  • Delhi – March 9, 11:17 pm
  • Sydney – March 10, 4:47 am

But of course! Not just then! No, it's more like a wave that builds up for a few days either side, couple this with Mercury going direct at the same time and we have an upsurge of...

The 9 Naughty Natal Niggles! 

  1. 1. Anxiousness, Obsessing, Analysis Paralysis & Paranoia.
  1. 2. Health Crisis, Epidemics, Pandemics and Hypochondria.
  1. 3. Inspirational Insomnia.
  1. 4. Spring Cleaning and Decluttering.
  1. 5. Organisation and Planning.
  1. 6. Writing and Teaching.
  1. 7. Isolation, Exile and Self Fulfilling Prophecies.
  1. 8. Preaching and Nit Pickiness.
  1. 9. Endings and beginning

On a scale of 1-10 where would you rate yourself on each of these?

  1. 1. Anxiousness, Obsessing, Analysis Paralysis & Paranoia.

Its that undercurrent of uncomfortable energy that threatens to engulf you, the one you keep on suppressing, tiring right?

Gay Hendricks says that it’s a symptom of up-levelling - catch yourself and allow yourself to expand instead!

Whether that’s true or not I don’t know. But it feels better than suppressing it!

This Full Moon has a supportive, expansive trine in Jupiter  the “up-levelling” planet.

  1. 2. How’s your health? You know it’s time to sort it out, right?

My dentist sends me a letter threat - come in or I'll deregister you and I know I have to go and get my groin botoxed!

Not to my dentist :) I've got doctor denial too.

Any longer and I’ll make the tin man look like B.K. S. Iyengar.

But what with the coronavirus spreading to some type of hysteria, even though the cases are very low (and what makes it different than any other flu?)

Still...does one really want to wait in a doctor or dentist surgery? Ever? 

  1. 3. Inspirational Insomnia! You know the one I mean right?

Waking bolt upright ay 3:33 with a ‘download” frying your brain. You have to get up and get it out of your head into your notebook (electric or otherwise) before it explodes!?

I’m a past sufferer, my guides are more considerate these days. At 42 I think I might have trained them well :)

I’ve had a new idea this week, one that feels gifted from the divine, but during waking hours and I don’t feel the need to get it out of my head before it explodes.

How did that change?

As I grow older I get more “regulated”.

I can see the bigger picture easier and don’t need instant pushy wins.

I have trained myself to listen to my intuition but not feel panicked with the need to act on it right there and then.

I noticed when I did more would come faster and faster, like my guides were holding a skipping rope and whipping up a storm!

Somewhere along the line I managed to slow down the pace by allowing the seed to not grow to a sturdy oak overnight!

  1. 4. Spring cleaning and decluttering?

Okay nuff said on this one because it’s a near zero for me right now, but then it usually is! Unusual for Mercury in Virgo I know but I blame my Moon in Cancer for the offset :)

What about you? Is it zero on the declutter bug or a red hot ten, or a more balanced 5?

  1. 5. Organisation and planning.

I have found a new love!

I joined Karen Skidmore’s Momentum program and fell in love with planning!

That woman is so fab when it comes to creating clear minds and creating more TIME!

I got my hair and nails done for the first time since September and I am amazed!

That’s a HOT reason to love planning!

“Well I am a mechanic Tiffany!” she’ll say to me.

Eh? Isn’t the mechanics car the worst one in the garage?

But oh, she is talking about personality profiling, it’s the first time in my life I have ever felt the desire to be a mechanic.

But, no sooner had I got a grip and life happened...

A family crisis struck and work got out of control.

I was serving (Mercury in Virgo) loved ones and loved clients, from the moment I woke to the moment I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore, day in day out.

Result? PA employed and Tiff clawing her way back!

  1. 6. Writing and teaching.

Virgo is The Hermit in the Tarot, father time - oh there’s the time God making more time happen :)

He is the Monk or Shaman who lives on the fringes of society. He keeps a healthy distance so he can serve and he is seen as the wise old medicine man who can heal all.

There’s a need to carve a cave out of society to have the time to write, or the personal distance to teach but…

  1. 7. Isolation, exile and self-fulfilling prophecies.

Too much time in the cave leads to isolation and all the mental challenges that come with it. The more time we spend in isolation, the more exile, the more rejection, the more rejection the more we isolation...Oh what a slippery slope!

I was shocked to see that statistically speaking only one in four people will suffer from mental health issues during their life.

It kicks my head off on this ramble…

“Why is it then I see mental health in nearly everyone I meet? Does this mean I attract it?And if I attract it and everyone’s a mirror, then maybe I am off the chart with it? I know many would think so. I must be off the scale with it if I see it in nearly every person.”

I spin into over analysis and wind myself up - did I say I have Mercury in Virgo? 

 But it’s not long - lived. I’ve learnt how to cope with my (undiagnosed) OCD.

It’s a curse as well as a blessing - but I’ve learnt to enhance the blessing.

The blessing gives me an acute ability to connect the dots.

A client of mine called me a truffle hound because I don’t stop until I have uncovered the root. 

Yup that's me i'm a mad little truffle hound. 

I catch myself and bring myself back to earth.

We all have a body, and sometimes it gets sick, right?

So doesn’t it make sense that we all have a mind and sometimes our mind gets sick too?

When our body is sick it cannot be ignored, but when our mind is sick what then?

It’s not such a clear whopping symptom as a broken leg.

So I ask google how many are undiagnosed?

A whopping 45%.  This process right here is Virgo in action.

On my wander I pass two women chatting "everyone in England has a mental health problem" they agree with each other, I wouldn't go that far - in fact I suddenly feel sane - what an interesting Law of Attraction moment. 

Data, analysis, statistics, scrutiny. paranoia, get out of the cave! Otherwise it will only lead to:

  1. 8. Preaching and Nit Pickiness

Earth signs tend to carry a silent slight snobbish “I am better than you” vibe, listen close and you’ll hear it. But go deeper and you’ll hear the fear underneath, a fear that they don’t have this thing called life down.

In Taurus it’s due to low self worth, in Capricorn it’s a fear of coping with emotion and in Virgo it’s a fear of the fall from grace.For all it’s a case of being over-involved with the self, and if you spend your time in isolation (they are all introverted signs) then that’s what’s going to happen!

This Full Moon can bring out the slightly wound up nitpicky side of others, earth sign or not!

Apply a balm of compassionate understanding to the self or others. It's only a fear of not having this thing called life down. It’s not true of course. It’s the dark side of the Moon throwing a shadowy illusion. Give a little love and retreat to the cave.

You can stay there until after the Full Moon! Just make sure you come out after!

  1. 9. Endings and Beginnings.

Mercury - the ruler of Virgo ends it’s retrograde on the same day as this Moon, but warning! Things ramp up before they end. Mercury Retrograde included.

I’ve been in a tech mess all week and don’t expect it to stop on 9th, but I'm open to being surprised!

However, what with the ruling planet of where this Moon falls changing direction, we do have a full on full stop of the marker of change, also because...

The Virgo Full Moon marks the last full Moon of the annual zodiac cycle. Making it the Full Moon of endings every year clearing the way for the new life of the spring. This year with its ruler Mercury turning direct and being a super moon, get ready to feel stronger effects and now that:

The full moon is actually in Leo because the constellations have moved over 2000 years.

We may also see events in the ascension or death of kings and queens, and heads of state.

Is there to be some marked change here? Brexit for one, and?... On the Macro we have the Micro too.

I know it's no coincidence that I will be attending the funeral of my mother in law at the time of this Full Moon.This is the day the top of the matriarchal line on my husband’s side now gets handed down to myself and my sister in law, and boy can I feel it.

At forty -two its long last time to grow up. What does it mean to grow up?

I don’t mean it’s time to get all holier than thou or take life so seriously you frizzle up like an old prune.

It do think it means finding a way to flow gracefully around obstacles because you have an innate understanding that they are there for a reason, even if you don’t yet understand the reason. And that it means to find that divine balance, between knowing what to let go and knowing what to make happen.

To find your place in society and own your throne with dignity rather than snobbery.  

And to do that it’s time to know your worth.

I can't believe we are in the third month of the year already! Can you? 

This year is meant to be about finding that divine balance so you can make your 2020 vision happen, but if it's been feeling a bit murky don't worry!

Easily said during a Virgo Full Moon! Not!

But a couple of weeks from now and Mercury will be out of storm and you can be out of the cave transported to somewhere 🍾 drinking Champagne and nibbling on canapes and making that vision happen...

✨Click here to see where!  

Have a Super Wonder Full Moon,

One love, 

Tiffany x







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