3 Steps To Always Knowing How An Eclipse Will Change Your Life + The Mega Life Changing Eclipse of 27th July 2018

Monday, July 23, 2018

3 Steps To Always Knowing How An Eclipse Will Change Your Life + The Mega Life Changing Eclipse of 27th July 2018 - blog post image

The longest eclipse of the century arrives at 21:21 BST on Friday 27th July, the Full Moon in Aquarius will turn blood red as the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun.

Stargazers in Australia, Indonesia, and other eastern regions can see it as the moon sets, while those in Europe, western Africa, and South America, can see it when the moon rises. For those of us in the UK we are blessed to see the Big Bold Blood Moon for 43 minutes

- and for those in the South East of the UK up to 90 minutes, but what does this mean?

When I visited the Yucatan Peninsula Mexico in 2016 I learnt how the Mayans in power had special knowledge of when eclipses were coming and used that knowledge to have power over the people - mainly getting mothers to offer up their children for human sacrifice in order to appease the Gods, who were angry and going to end the world if they were not appeased.

The sight of a Blood Red Moon must have been a scary thing indeed and although these days we have the scientific explanation of it being to do with gases in the Earth’s atmosphere being reflected by the Moon as the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, I wonder how much we have moved on. Although we thankfully do not offer up our children for sacrifice at this time, the same old themes of knowledge being withheld from the people so they can be controlled by fear seem to be playing out, just in a much more “sophisticated?” fashion.

In the symbolic sense, eclipses tend to mark the end of our lives as we know it. Whenever there is an eclipse going on, take a moment to think back over the last six months (which is when the last eclipse will have been) and how your life has changed - and now get ready for it to change again.


You will find two sections to this blog:

The first will give you 3 steps to always knowing what an eclipse will be about for you whenever one happens - although you won’t know HOW it plays out for you until afterwards - the foresight of the heavens is meant for the heavens, we are only gifted with hindsight. 

The second will tell you more about the longest eclipse of the century, happening on July 27th, 2018.


3 Steps To Find Out What Any Eclipse Will Be About For You:

1. Find out where the eclipse is happening: Is your sun sign in the sign of the eclipse? Then you are likely to be pretty affected! As are those of you that have the eclipse happening in your 1st house, but everyone is affected one way or another. To know how it’s going to affect you-you need to know where it will take place in your own chart:

2. To find your chart: There are plenty of great astrological sites on the net which offer free chart drawings, astro.com and cafe astrology are both great - all you need to do is google “free natal chart” and then input your birthday, location and time if you know it (the time can make quite a difference so I recommend making an effort to find it out if you don’t know - even though you can put time unknown).

3. Identify the house the eclipse takes place in: Your chart will be divided into 12 sections, like a pie, these sections are known as houses. Outside the edge of the houses, you will see the symbols for the sign of the zodiac. Look for the sign that the eclipse is taking place in - you will then have found the area of your life that is being affected.

The list below will help you know what the houses are about. If you think of it as a clock the first house is always at “9 O Clock” and then count anti-clockwise.

The First House - Your identity is about to change big time!

The Second House - Relationships, partnerships, money, and your values.

The Third House - Your communication, relationships with siblings and where you travel to regularly -e.g family, work, short distances.

The Fourth House - Home, your mother, your deepest needs, your past, your psychic self.

The Fifth House - Things you create, e.g children and career.

The Sixth House - Work, health, and service.

The Seventh House - Intimate relationships

The Eighth House - Controversial taboo subjects and other people’s money or energy, sex, death, rebirth, psychic knowing and taxes!

The Ninth House - Publishing, media, teaching, travelling.

The Tenth House - Career and Public Status.

The Eleventh House - Community and friendships

The Twelfth House - karma and spirituality, the hidden realms.

If you would like to know more about astrology please see this class in my Inner Transformation Circle you will need to be a member first.


The Mega Life Changing Eclipse of 27th July 2018! 

1. Personally: Is the longest eclipse of the century! The longer the eclipse the more powerful it is, so get ready for some big things to happen over the next six months. Above we have looked at how to find out what this means for you personally, but what about globally?

2. Globally: We may well now know why the Moon is turning red, but I also find it significant that the eclipse on July 27th, 2018 is conjunct the blood red war mongering planet of Mars. Usually the three heavenly bodies involved are the Sun, the Moon, and The Earth - and as Buddha says - “Three Things Cannot Stay Hidden For Long - The Sun, The Moon and The Truth” - therefore Eclipses usually bring something hidden to light, and often around “threes” now we have Mars and fours!

Both of these add up to The Emperor in the Tarot - he is number 4 and he is Mars. In my years of teaching Tarot a lot of students tend to resist The Emperor - until they actually get to know him then they can’t get enough of him, so here is the good, bad and ugly sides to The Emperor - as we may well see them at play in large over this eclipse - or the next six months:


Get up and go!

Getting things done!






Making things happen!






Ego Driven













Trump! Yup, all Major Arcana Tarot cards are called “Trumps” the meaning of the word is: “a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others”

we also have the meaning allocated to it as “fart”! Which we also know to mean as “full of hot air” very Mars!

I wonder, is Trump Donald Trump’s real surname? Or has he adopted it as part of the secret knowledge weapon? There is no doubt about it that he exhibits all the above - good, bad and ugly, so no wonder we feel so negatively towards The Emperor! It seems like there might be some major cards up his sleeve to play - even more so than before.

What this may mean for the world over the next six months we have yet to see. In the meantime, the most important thing you can do would be to embrace the good side of your own Emperor within for the highest good of the world. What is your part to play? It’s now time to find out.

Especially as at the time of the eclipse Mars will be retrograde in Aquarius and Mercury Retrograde in Leo - both planets will be asking us what the hell we have been thinking and playing at! The current eclipse cycle of the last couple of years has been doing the dance with Leo and Aquarius, both about getting beyond the ego so you can truly show up in the world, for who you are.

It’s about the cutting away of that which does not serve your ability to be authentic. Not necessarily easy so...


3 Questions To Help With That Ask:

1. What are the top three most important things in my life? (You can chunk this down into areas if you like -e.g career, family etc)

2. What is it in my life (or that area) that no longer serves me?

3. What is it in my life that I need to action to live in accordance with my purpose?

I wonder how much you are feeling this?

I am a Leo, and the next eclipse is on my birthday, so I’ve been feeling it big time. I had an eclipse on my birthday before - it was the big eclipse of 1999, which did mark the beginning of my life changing beyond recognition - in 1998 my daughter died, and in 1999 my father figure died and my marriage dissolved and in 2000 I moved to London and the path from retail or support worker began to change to activating my destiny as a teacher on this path.

But even when the eclipse hasn’t been on my birthday it’s been pretty massive - changes of country, past life loves, you name it!

If you need some help take me up on it now.

My life is changing, I know the eclipses are playing out for me in the realms of community and what I create, and that with the next eclipse on August 11th being my birthday that the change is going to be as big as it gets. I don’t know what it looks like on the other side, but I know there will be some big changes and I won’t be able to offer things in the way I have been.

I have a feeling it’s now or never in a pretty big way, for us all, and to make the most out of this current time we really need to know what’s right for us.

Below is a link will take you to an application for a free “Get To Know Thy Archetype” session with me, on the call we will work out your own personal archetype (like Trump’s is The Emperor!) and how you can best fulfil your destiny - but for the greater good of the world, whether your world is big or small, it all counts, so.

Click here to go to get to know thy archetype

Wishing you an incredible time of personal activation ahead.

Tiffany x

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